Belive it or not – Maham Anga didn’t trouble Jodha Bai!

Maham Anga, Akbar’s foster mother and baddi ammi has now finally taken a back seat in the life of Jodha Akbar. Thanks to Atgah Khan who could solve all the mystery and expose Maham’s ill attempts to torture and defame Jodha Bai.

Jodha Akbar 5 Reason Why Maham Anga Could Never Torture Jodha Bai in Real Life!

After watching the serial and Maham Anga’s character closely many of the people wonder what the real Maham Anga must have done to the real Jodha Bai who married Akbar in the 16th century. However, one need not fret because Maham Anga never tortured Jodha Bai in real life. Confused with my level of confidence? Check out the reasons why:

1. Jodha and Maham Anga Spent Maximum 4 Months Together in the Agra Palace

Jodha and Akbar are now currently celebrating a year of togetherness and Maham Anga still has all the wicked plans running in her head to destroy both, Jodha as well as her relationship with Akbar. However, going by the dates available of the past, this is utter nonsense.

Adham Khan Maham Anga Jodha Bai Akbar 5 Reason Why Maham Anga Could Never Torture Jodha Bai in Real Life!

The reason? Well, Jodha Bai married Akbar on 16 February 1562 and roughly after 3 months, Adham Khan was killed by Akbar in May 1562. It is widely known accepted and documented that Maham Anga breath her last merely after 40 days of her son’s demise. Then how could Maham Anga keep torturing Jodha in the serial?

2. Four Months were Busy Both for Jodha and Maham Anga

In these 4 months, the last month was spent by Maham Anga in grief. So, it is apparent that she must have not done anything which could have troubled anybody, let alone Jodha. That means, Maham Anga and Jodha only spent 3 months or 90 to 100 days together. Out of which I’m sure roughly a month was spent by Jodha in Amer, because back in those days a bride used to go at least once in their mayka after the marriage.

the filmy angle of villian hero well wisher in jodha akbar 5 Reason Why Maham Anga Could Never Torture Jodha Bai in Real Life!

Count, 15 days in travelling, both at the time of marriage and then the first visit of Jodha from Agra to Amer. Hardly leaving 75 to 85 days, that is two and a half months. Now, how brutal and insensitive one can be towards other in merely two and a half months.

3. Maham Anga Was Busy Planning Against Atgah Khan during that Phase

Atgah Khan was appointed Wakil (Prime Minister) by Akbar in November 1561, roughly 4 months before his marriage. And ever since Atgah gained this important position, both Munim Khan and Maham Anga became furious. Maham Anga who always dreamt of seeing her son Adham Khan at an important position could not see Atgah Khan scaling the heights in terms of status and position. So, all these months starting from November 1561 to May 1562 her focus was on Atgah Khan and not Jodha Bai.

Akbar Adham Khan son Maham Anga 5 Reason Why Maham Anga Could Never Torture Jodha Bai in Real Life!

Finally, her displeasure towards Atgah Khan made her high -tempered son Adham Khan kill Atgah Khan in the Diwan -e – Khaas. However, minutes after he killed Atgah Khan, the foster father of Akbar, he was thrown from the terrace twice till his heart beats couldn’t beat anymore.

4. Saas-Bahu Animosity is a Common Phenomenon,Why Blame Maham Anga Alone?

Okay, let’s assume despite being busy in those two and a half months Maham Anga took her time out to trouble Jodha Bai. Even then, what’s the big deal? Almost every saas(mother-in-law) torture(d) her bahu (daughter-in-law) that time, didn’t they? Even now the fight between them is a story of almost every household, considering all the facts – why blame Maham Anga alone?

Maham Anga Jodha Bai Torture 5 Reason Why Maham Anga Could Never Torture Jodha Bai in Real Life!

5. Inter-Religion Marriage Even Today Raises Eyebrows

In the serial it is shown that Maham Anga dislikes Jodha Bai as she cannot tolerate the fact that despite being a Hindu she is one of the Khaas Begums of Shenshah. Well, isn’t the sentiment justified? Back then people were not secular then how would they see a female of another religion ruling them or holding an important position in their court.

Jodha Akbar Praying Maham Anga 5 Reason Why Maham Anga Could Never Torture Jodha Bai in Real Life!

The Mystery of Maham Anga’s Husband and Adham Khan’s Father

Maham Anga, the shrewd political adviser of Mughal Emperor Akbar is known for mobilizing the petticoat government during Akbar’s tenure. This makes one wonder, who was Maham Anga’s husband and how did she enter the Mughal court of Humayun. Well, few of the people believe that Maham’s husband was a soldier in Humayun’s army and so after his death, Humayun gave shelter to both Maham and her son Adham Khan in the royal palace as they had no relatives.

jodha akbar adham khan and his useless attacks 5 Reason Why Maham Anga Could Never Torture Jodha Bai in Real Life!

However, some of the people strongly speculate the possibility of Maham Anga being a concubine of Humayun and Adham Khan, the son of the Mughal Emperor Humayun himself.

Oh, Yes, the Show Runs With the Disclaimer of Being Fictional!

Well, although the serial has historical sequences, it has many fictional plots, Maham Anga’s conspiracy and vampy acts is no exception. No wonder it is one of the USP of the Jodha Akbar serial and we love to see the suspense the character of Maham Anga creates every now and then. However, the article is mainly to state that this angle of Maham Anga torturing and troubling Jodha Bai is highly fictional!

So, all those innocent people like my mom who think whether or not Jodha had to face a devil like Maham Anga, please relax! You need to enjoy the well scripted show with some pop corn – not to forget the handsome hunk Rajat Tokas!

By: Deepti Verma

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Image Source: IANS, Adham Khan, Maham Anga

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