Romance will soon be at its peak between Ajabde and Pratap in Maharana Pratap – Know the upcoming romantic scenes betwen Maharana Pratap and Ajabde!

Ever since Ssharad Malhotra and Rachana Parulkar entered Maharana Pratap they have been hating each other tremendously. Thanks to the misunderstandings created by Dheer Bai, the audiences were deprived of all the romance in the show. But now that their misunderstandings have cleared, it seems that we will finally get to see a Love Angle in the show. Yes Pratap romancing Ajabde!

maharana pratap ajabde romance Finally! Romance Between Ajabde and Pratap in Maharana Pratap!

The scene –

Ajabde who is praying to her Kanha is offering flower. But, then when she opens her eyes, the flower is missing. When she turns back, she realizes it is Pratap who has taken the flower for the sake of some fun. He then runs and Ajabde chases him all the while. The two then share some romantic emotions.

But, now that Ajabde is in Bijolia and Pratap is in Chittor, this scene cannot be real. Yes, this is a dream sequence which Ajabde imagines while she is thinking about her husband, Pratap. So, even if it is in deams, the audience will finally witness some romance between the duo after 3 months.

This is Just the Beginning…

Pratap was earlier seen thinking about Ajabde while keeping gifts for Ajabde in his cabinet. How many days will he now live apart from his wife? Besides, Veer Bai has already taken the letter which has details about Ajabde’s re-entry in the Palace. Seems like finally, Veer Bai will bridge the gap between the two and might even become the reason of Ajabde’s entry in the palace. And now that we have Maan in the show, she will definitely try to help Veer Bai in this noble cause.

ssharad malhotra rachna parulkar love scene Finally! Romance Between Ajabde and Pratap in Maharana Pratap!

Love and Romance  Between Maharana Pratap and Ajabde

We all know Ajabdeh was the mother of Maharana Pratap’s first son Amar Singh. This gives us a hope that the two will finally unite and love will blossom between the Mewar royal couple. We only hope that all their romance is shown to us timely. No wonder, love and romance have always increased the TRP of the serial!

maharana pratap love scene Finally! Romance Between Ajabde and Pratap in Maharana Pratap!

And with Maharana Pratap and Ajabdeh we hope to get more and more such scenes because there is nothing which we can read about them anywhere. Nevertheless, it even delights the audience, just take the example of Jodha Akbar.

But Will Dheerbai and Jagmal make it possible?

Dheer Bai had some glorious time in the Mahal where she is seen dictating terms to almost everyone including Veer Bai, yet another wife of Rana Uday Singh. Not a single moment passes by, when she isn’t thinking of hurting Pratap and Ajabde. She obviously will try to hamper Pratap’s happiness for the sake of Jagmal’s happiness.

pratap chetak Finally! Romance Between Ajabde and Pratap in Maharana Pratap!

But, we hope things might change soon – Though we doubt she getting caught ever! Because when she died, she took a promise from Rana Uday Singh that the next Maharana will be Jagmal and not Pratap. Rana Uday Singh did keep his promise but it was the ministers that denied Jagmal as a Maharana, ultimately crowning Pratap as the next Maharana Of Mewar, the real crown prince.

Image via SET India, @SonyTV

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