Maharana Pratap never fought with the Mughals before the siege of Chittorgarh fort but the scriptwriters of Sony TV’s Maharana Pratap wants him to fight

The Siege of Chittorgarh is in the process in Sony TV’s Maharana Pratap, and Akbar is all set to capture the fort soon. However, he is facing a huge hurdle. Unlike history, this Akbar is neither worried because he has to build Mohur Hills so that he can easily use his cannons, nor due to the fact that he has to dig tunnels to enter the fort, his prime concern here is Maharana Pratap and his associates who have entered Akbar’s tent to attack him.

akbar captures chittor Shocking! Maharana Pratap Is Fighting Akbar Before the Siege of Chittorgarh!

The TV Akbar is Fighting Maharana Pratap and His Troops before the Siege

It is very clear that the Mughal Emperor Akbar and his contemporary Maharana Pratap never came face to face of each other or fought against each other. However, the TV serial not once but at many instances brought the warriors in front of each other. While, some ignored and some raised objections, the serial continued to show the discrepancies under their creative freedom since the genre of the serial is ‘historical fiction’.

maharana pratap siege of chittorgarh Shocking! Maharana Pratap Is Fighting Akbar Before the Siege of Chittorgarh!

While, all such things were still digestible, what is shocking us now are the ongoing episodes which shows a brave Maharana Pratap entering Akbar’s tent to stop him from capturing the Chittorgarh fort.

Although, we are proud of our first freedom fighter Maharana Pratap who never submitted himself to the foreign invaders, somehow we feel it is not right to show anything false to prove his bravery. His real strength, power, skills and capability are enough to prove how able and mighty ruler he was. Adding fictional elements to show his heroism is in fact a big insult to him and his glory.

Maharana Pratap Did Not Fight with Akbar before the Siege

It was 1568 when the Mughal Emperor Akbar with his mighty army had conquered the Chittorgarh fort after Chittor’s third Jauhar. Although, Maharana Pratap wanted to stay back and save his fort and people, a helpless Uday Singh II was not ready to risk the life of Mewar’s future Rana. So, Udai Singh and his royal family made an exit from Chittorgarh before the fort was captured by Akbar.

maharana pratap vs mughals Shocking! Maharana Pratap Is Fighting Akbar Before the Siege of Chittorgarh!

The duty of defending the fort was handed over to the brave Jaimal Rathore and Patta Sisodia. Jaimal and Patta might have lost their life in safeguarding the fort, but their name is glorified in the history. So, courageous and brave were they that even their enemies (the Mughals) couldn’t stop mentioning their act of heroism in Mughal chronicle, Akbarnama.

Uday Singh and His Family Had Left the Fort Well before its Siege

Rana Udai Singh knew that his army was nowhere in front of the Mughal Army and so on the insistence of his chief advisors, he along with his family had left the fort and moved to the hills of the Aravalli range where he established the lake city of Udaipur.

uday singh family Shocking! Maharana Pratap Is Fighting Akbar Before the Siege of Chittorgarh!

These facts are enough to prove that the ongoing fight between Maharana Pratap and Akbar is totally bogus and unnecessary. Wonder, why the serial is emphasizing wrong and showing Maharana Pratap fighting against Akbar.

P.S: This fort was later handed by Jahangir in 1616 to the Sisodoas. However, since they were comfortably settled in Udaipur, they never returned and the fort was abandoned.

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