Maharana Pratap in the Sony TV serial is shown attacking Akbar in his palace – Now did that really happen? Did Maharana Pratap attack Akbar?

Wake Up, You Mughal, I’m here to fight you” shouts Pratap after entering Diwan-e-Khas of Akbar’s palace.

Akbar who is not fully conscious tries to pick up his sword but falls down. And then arrives Bairam Khan along with his soldiers to surround Maharana Pratap. However, Pratap with the help of a rope thrown by his ally Rawalji comes out of Diwan-e-Khas.

akbar maharana pratap Maharana Pratap Attacks Akbar   Is It Fact? Fiction? Imagination? Or Fantasy?

Is This Historical Drama or a Bollywood Movie?

Ah, people would now rush and say – “Well, this is highly fictional and you should enjoy it thinking it as a fictional story rather than comparing the serial with the real incident and ranting about it!

Hmm, to be honest I don’t mind but how about the people who seriously assume the following things:

a. the serial is well researched. b. to a great extent the plot is true and c. it covers the fact well?

For instance, a 5 year old neighbor next door who watches Maharana Pratap as it has Faisal Khan – the DID talent in it, loves Maharana Pratap and hates Akbar.The poor kid is yet to read history, but he has already made up his mind that Akbar was bad. If he would have been watching Jodha Akbar too in the other channel then perhaps he would be confused – whether Akbar was good or bad.

faisal khan maharana pratap Maharana Pratap Attacks Akbar   Is It Fact? Fiction? Imagination? Or Fantasy?

But, since he watches only Maharana Pratap, he has concluded that Akbar was bad, and cruel. Moreover, since the serial recently showed Akbar playing an unreasonable prank with Pratap’s mother, the kid now hates him so much that, he has declared Akbar not just an anti hero but a villain.

Now had it been a real incident, the hatred was legitimate. But, here it is just an imagination of the writers, channels and the producers!

Now wasn’t Akbar, the great Mughal Emperor – the one who respected other religions? The one who preferred alliance even with his enemies, and not war? The one who treated women well and even gave all his Hindu Queens liberty to follow their own religion and customs? The one who gave high ranks and status to the person who deserved over class, religion or caste?

I only wonder what will be the kids reaction once he realizes the truth or rather the facts surrounding both the historians!

Besides kids, are the other section of the active TV audience – The old ladies, who are of the opinion that, “Indeed something might have happened and that is why the serial makers are showing this way. Otherwise, why on earth would they show a certain character in such a negative light?”

A slight here and there for the sake of entertainment and TRP is fine. But, showing fights between Pratap and Akbar during their early days is not only insane but also utter rubbish. As neither was Maharana Pratap politically active that time since Udai Singh mostly looked into political matters, nor was Akbar too idle to concentrate on Pratap and just Pratap all the time. He had various kings and lands to counter, didn’t he?

Also, When did Akbar and Pratap meet? or for that matter, did they ever? Besides, Maharana Pratap always defended himself from Akbar’s attack, didn’t he? When did he ever attack Akbar? Or Am I missing something?

Image Source: Pratap, Faisal Khan

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