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In the serial Maharana Pratap, Udai Singh II is dead and to everybody’s surprise the successor mentioned in his will is not Pratap, but Jagmal. Everybody is not only shocked but also angry because they know nobody can ever be as suitable as Pratap to rule Mewar.

maharana pratap jagmal bhatiyani Know Everything About the Coronation of Maharana Pratap

While in the serial we see Dheerbai manipulates Udai Singh’s will, legends say that Dheer Bai was the one who compelled Udai Singh to make such will.

Here we share how the coronation of Maharana Pratap took place in the 16th century Rajputana after the sad demise of Udai Singh II

The Strange Coronation of Maharana Pratap

Since Pratap lived with his father Uday Singh in the testing mountain terrains, he made Gogunda his residence where his father Maharana Udai Singh breathe his last on 28 Feb.1572. It was in accordance with the wishes of queen Dheer Bai Bhatiyani that Maharana Udai Singh had declared his other son Jagmal as his immediate heir instead of Pratap.

So after the death of Udai Singh, Jagamal did not participate in the funeral rites of his father and immediately occupied the Royal Throne. When Gwalior’s Ram Singh Tanwar asked about the absence of Jagmal, all the noble heads got to know about the truth that it is not Pratap but Jagmal who has been chosen as the heir of Mewar by Maharana Udai Singh.

maharana pratap Know Everything About the Coronation of Maharana Pratap

None of the noble heads considered Jagmal worthy of the Mewar throne. So, Man Singh Sonagare, the maternal uncle of Pratap raised his objection on Jagmal by expressing his disapproval. He then reminded Rawat Sanga, the predecessor of Devagarh nobles that Mewar’s Maharana is decided only after consulting with the Chunda clan. Being the member of the Chunda clan, the decision fell upon Rawat Sanga. Fortunately, he too didn’t find Jagmal as the suitor.

Next, Rawat Sanga and Rawat Krishna Das announced, “Pratap is not only the eldest son of Maharana Udai Singh, but also worthy of the throne. Therefore, he will be the Maharana and not Jagmal.” Once the rituals of the last rites were completed, the noble chieftains asked Pratap to sit on the Royal Throne.

Jagmal couldn’t do anything and was highly infuriated. This is what the noble chieftains said to Jagamal – “In your capacity as the younger brother, your seat is in front of the Royal Throne”. This is precisely how Pratap became Maharana Pratap on 28th February 1572.

The coronation took place at Gogunda Later on the coronation ceremony was celebrated at Kumbhagarh too. It was attended by Rao Chandra Sen of Jodhpur, Pratap’s brother-in-law.

Maharana Pratap and His Problems after the Coronation

This is how Maharana Pratap’s coronation took place in real. We hope to see similar thing happening in the TV serial as well. After Pratap’s coronation, Jagmal joined hands with Akbar along with Pratap’s two other brothers who had already sided Akbar. After Pratap’s coronation, Mughal Emperor Akbar kept spying over his activities for a year hoping that Pratap too like other Rajputana kings would join him.

Maharana Pratap at Udaipur Know Everything About the Coronation of Maharana Pratap

However, it never happened. Akbar then decided to send emissaries to Pratap so that he could conquer him as well. This is how the animosity of Maharana Pratap and Akbar began and both Akbar and his commander-in-chief took it as a personal war. Next as we all know is history.

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