When & how did Dheer Bai Bhatiyani die? Did Jagmal really shoot Rani Dheer Bai with a gun? Check out all the facts of the gun sequence in Maharana Pratap

The latest promos of Maharana Pratap is giving a shock to everybody – Jagmal is seen carrying a gun, and pointing towards his Rani Maa Dheer Bai Bhatiyani. It is still not clear whether Bhatiyani dies or not in this incident, but in reality we are sure Dheer Bai Bhatiyani did not die by a gun shot.

Now, since Bhatiyani is a lesser known person of the past whose history is a big question mark, Maharana Pratap CVs have creative freedom to play with the character. However, Jagmal killing her with a gun is a deliberate creative blunder. We tell you how:

The first question is, “Did 16th century India have hand guns?”

The Evolution of Artillery in Medieval India happened after the Battle of Panipat where Babur introduced heavy weapons. These guns were so heavy that it was first mounted on a cart, and then blown with the help of two hands. Shatrunal, Zamburak, swivel guns and Shahin were the names. 

canon weapons Maharana Pratap : Reasons Why Dheer Bai Bhatiyani Cannot Die by a Gun Shot

Swivel were carried on animal’s back, shatrunal were camel barrel guns shot from camel’s back, and zamburaks were long swivels. All these were used in Battle of Panipat by Babur where he defeated Ibrahim Lodi, and also in Batttle of Kanauj where he defeated Rana Sanga – Jagmal and Rana Pratap’s grandfather. North Indian rulers those days had no clue about these weapons and that is why Babur could easily defeat them at various occasions.

The Early Gun Arquebus was Used Then, but not in India – So where did this small Gun used by Jagmal come from?

Matthias Corvinus, a Hungarian ruler first used Arquebus during his reign from 1458 to 1490. It was also used by Russians in early 1500s and in Italian wars in 1600s. These arquebuses were used in Europe by various kings. Asians back then used only  snap matchlok which was introduced by Portuguese in Japan around 1543 and according to a book by Rainer Daehnhardt – The Bewitched Gun : The Introduction of the Firearm in the Far East by the Portuguese, it seems that these matchloks were manufactured in Goa, the capital of Portuguese in 1550.

arquebus weapon maharana pratap Maharana Pratap : Reasons Why Dheer Bai Bhatiyani Cannot Die by a Gun Shot

Mughal Introduced Muzzle Loaded Musket in India, the one that produced huge smokes

It is said that Akbar introduced the matchlock musket in the 16th century India. If you check the photo of these muskets, it is very long unlike the one shown in Jagmal’s hand. Also, these muskets used gun powder and iron balls to hit the target. So, it is obvious if Jagmal had used these muskets, it would produce lot of smoke inside the palace. In addition, their would have been huge sound that would alarm each and every person in the palace.

musket weapon used by mughals Maharana Pratap : Reasons Why Dheer Bai Bhatiyani Cannot Die by a Gun Shot

Moreover, it is highly impossible that Jagmal could get a musket for himself because unlike the modern guns the firing from these muskets were highly unaccurate, it could go anywhere. Making it very clear that even if Uday Singh possessed the hand held muskets in his garage it would no way reach Jagmal’s dirty hands. Besides, we have not read Pratap or any Rajput in 16th century getting trained in using such hand helds musket.

There Is no Proof of Jagmal Hitting or Killing his Mother

It is a known fact that Bhatiyani wanted Jagmal to become the next heir which Udai Singh agreed upon. However, if Jagmal would have hit/killed his mother, Udai Singh would have never accepted her last wish to crown Jagmal as his next heir, for the sake of Mewar (No matter how highly influenced he would have been by her).

maharana pratap jagmal bhatiyani Maharana Pratap : Reasons Why Dheer Bai Bhatiyani Cannot Die by a Gun Shot

So, Dheer Bai cannot die by Jagmal’s gun shot. There has to be some other reason. Also, if she survives this attack in the serial, it proves nothing besides making a mockery of many things.


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