Bharat Ka Veer Putra Maharana Pratap is in Bijolia to save it from Afghans. But goes incognito. Ajabde too meets him in disguise. Will the two finally reunite now?

The 16th century historical drama Bharat Ka Veer Putra Maharana Pratap is continuously trying to attract the viewer’s attention after the leap with its engaging sequences. From peace in Mewar, and war in Bijolia, to love and hatred in the minds of both, Pratap and Ajabde, the drama with its enthralling episode is keeping us glued all together. 

maharana pratap ajabde sony tv latest updates Maharana Pratap Latest Update : When Pratap & Ajabde Met Each Other

The grown up Pratap (Ssharad Malhotra) like a perfect Mewar yuvraj, is not just loyal to his land but also to his people. Then, whether the people are from Chittor or Bijolia, he is ready to protect them risking his own life. 

Pratap in Bijolia 

Pratap is clueless as to why the people of Bijolia have so much hatred against the Mewar king, and his father Uday Singh. In addition, he can’t stop thinking as to why the people of Bijolia are so eager to declare it as a separate state. While, he is still confused, he decides to go to Bijolia himself to find out the cause of this hatred. In spite of Uday Singh’s protest he along with Chakrapani start the journey. They enter Bijolia in disguise. Pratap calls himself a stable owner and befriends Patta. Patta believes him. 

sharad malhotra maharana pratap Maharana Pratap Latest Update : When Pratap & Ajabde Met Each Other

However, Ajabde (Rachna Parulkar) who observes the valor of the disguised Pratap, is not ready to believe that he is as ordinary as a stable owner. His immense desh bhakti further confirms her doubt. She therefore, hides her identity and requests Patta not to reveal the outsider about her real name and position. The reason for going incognito in front of Pratap is because she thinks Pratap is a spy. 

Pratap’s Dilemma 

Pratap meanwhile is confused as to who is Baiji Lal, the woman who is respected and followed by each and every person in Bijolia. He is clueless because he knows the fact that Mamrat Ji’s young son is the samanth of Bijolia, and not some woman. Also, he cannot imagine Ajabade as Baiji Lal because Ajabde he knows was very fragile and sensitive girl unlike the image of Baiji Lal.

ajabdeh rachna parulkar Maharana Pratap Latest Update : When Pratap & Ajabde Met Each Other

Pratap and Ajabde as Strangers in Bijolia 

Both Pratap and Ajabde do not know each other’s identity. Pratap is a stable owner from Chittor for Ajabde and Ajabde is Patta’s Jija and a warrior woman for Pratap. Though Ajabdeh doubts Pratap she knows his real intention is to find the root cause of Bijolia’s hatred towards the Maharana of Chittor. She then shows Pratap how the Afghans have been troubling them from 6 months now, and how Chittor never replied to them despite asking for help every week in past 6 months. 

Pratap is shocked to know the truth as Chittor never received such messages, asking for help. Meanwhile Dheer Bai is planning to injure Pratap so that he becomes handicap.So, inspite of Dheer Bai’s attempt, Pratap is finally in Bijolia. And it looks like this time, he’ll know the truth. 

But will that happen soon? Well, you never know! I’m just eager to see Pratap’s expression when he gets to know that the shrewd and powerful warrior woman he is seeing in front of him is none other than his own shy and fragile Ajabde 

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