Maharana Pratap on Sony TV has wrongly connected the three personalities – Meera Bai, Maharana Pratap and Akbar the Great. Check the disconnect here

Bharat Ka Veer Putr Maharana Pratap which airs on Sony TV had a segment wherein the three most powerful personalities – Mata Meera Bai, the 3rd Moghul Emperor Akbar and India’s first freedom fighter Maharana Pratap come face to face. Although it is true that the three personalities lived in the same era, there was a major disconnect with what was shown in the TV series.

The Life of Meera Bai and her connection with Maharana Pratap

Meera Bai was born in the year 1498 in Kudaki, Rajasthan to the son of Merta ruler Rao Duda and was married to Bhoj Raj, the ruler of Chittor and son of Rana Sanga. This means Meera Bai was Maharana Pratap’s Taiji (Aunt) and his father Uday Singh’s Bhabhi (sister in law). However, she had no interest in her earthly spouse as she had dedicated all her body and soul to Lord Krishna.

Meerabai Maharana Pratap Meera Bai Akbar: The TV Series Wrongly Connects The Dots!

In the year 1521, Meera Bai’s husband Bhoj Raj died in a battle and so she lost the major support of her life. She was then supported by her father-in-law but he too died in a battle with the Mughals. And no sooner, Rana Sunga died than the entire Sisodia family started objecting her devotion towards Lord Krishna. After Rana Singh, his elder son Ratan Singh became the ruler but he was assassinated in the year 1531 and next Vikramaditya Singh became the ruler who left no stones unturned in spoiling Meera Bai’s life. He even tried his best to kill her several times by some or the other means.

However, Meerabai survived every time and Vikramaditya couldn’t kill her. Meanwhile, Vikramaditya’s uncle Banbir killed him in 1537 and later Udai Singh II that is Vikramaditya’s brother and Maharana Pratap’s father become the new ruler of the Sisodia clan. In the serial, we heard that Bhoj raj said Meera bai to take jal samidhi, well, now this is something like defaming Bhoj Raj who died years back, isn’t it?

Meerabai during this time had moved out of the region and again went to Merta, her maiyaka. But, even there, she was not accepted and so she later ventured out and left for Vrindavan. She started living as a pilgrim. Considering herself as a Gopi , she stayed in Dwarka, Gujarat.

The effort of Udhai Singh II to bring her back to Mewar

Later in the year 1546, Udai Singh II sent  some Brahmin delegates to bring Meera Bai back but it seems she rejected their request unlike shown in the serial that Maharana Pratap goes to Dwarka to bring Meera mata back. At that time both Maharana Pratap (born in 1540) and Akbar (born in 1542) were 6 and 4 respectively, how could they go being merely toddlers? Ufffff…

Maharana Pratap Maharana Pratap Meera Bai Akbar: The TV Series Wrongly Connects The Dots!

Maharana Pratap and Akbar together to convince Meera Bai – What’s wrong?

Alright, let’s assume that Maharana Pratap (17) went in the year 1557, the same year Meera Bai miraculously emerged in Lord Krishna but what was 15 year old Akbar doing there and that too in the company of Tansen? Wasn’t Tansen, a latter part of Akbar’s life and not someone who was besides Akbar in his early age?

Besides, wasn’t this the same time when Akbar with the help of his regent Bairam Khan was busy controlling the other Moslem rulers in the north? To add further, this was the same time when they had won the second Battle of Panipat in the November of 1556 and later marched towards Delhi, stayed a month there and finally made their base in Agra.

Akbar Maharana Pratap Meera Bai Akbar: The TV Series Wrongly Connects The Dots!

However, we are shown that Maham Anga and Bairam Khan quarrelling with each other as Akbar ventures out alone towards Dwarka fearing threats from Mewar. I wondered how did the shrewd Maham Anga allowed the baby Akbar to go and meet a Hindu priestess in a temple……(still thinking as I remember the current Maham Anga of Zee TV)

The Last Words

Well, we as audience know that the makers are trying to revive history in our lives so that we get to know who our great warriors were, and how did they worked hard for their motherland. However, playing with the facts, dates, situations and chronology only compel us to question the authenticity of the efforts that these people (producers, TV channel, creative writers, and director) make.

I hope, the fiction side of the story is well displayed so that the audience doesn’t assume it to be a real incident. In addition, a little bit of more research in connecting the dots between different episodes in the same era can help the serial better in terms of connecting with the people. If a random and amateur writer like me can do, then I’m sure the CV’s can do a better job.

By: Deepti Verma

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Image Source: Meerabai and Maharana Pratap by Raja Ravi Varma via Wikimedia Commons, Akbar By Miniatur der Moghulschule, Indien, datiert 1609-10  via Wikimedia Commons

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