Haldi on Phool Kunwar’s face at the Haldi Ceremony of Pratap & Ajabdeh – Does it indicate that Maharana Pratap will marry Phool, after marrying Ajabde?

Maharana Pratap and Ajabdeh are finally getting married after a lot of drama and twists in Maharana Pratap serial. Still,  bad omen and conspirators around them never miss any chance to break the alliance. Uma Devi and Dheer Bai are trying their best to stop the marriage, but Hansa Bai and Jaiwanta Bai along with the kids – Saubhagyawati and Phool Kunwar somehow fail their plan.

maharana pratap wedding photo Will Maharana Pratap Marry Phool Kunwar Along With Ajabde?

At The Haldi Ceremony

This time Dheer Bai could succeed in her plans as she got the bowl with the poisonous haldi. But, Phool Kunwar could easily change that bowl of Haldi with the original bowl – spoiling Dheer Bai’s plan. Nothing worked according to her and Uma Devi – The ceremony took place in peace and everybody enjoyed the occasion except Dheer Bai who had tears in her eyes. All thanks to Phool Kunwar who saved the day.

ajabde phool kunwar haldi Will Maharana Pratap Marry Phool Kunwar Along With Ajabde?

But, Why Is Phool Kunwar In Focus? Its Ajabade’s Marriage and not her Marriage!

In the Haldi Ceremony, we saw a portion of Haldi splashed on Phool’s face as she exchanged the bowls. Going by the serial, the sign indicates that she would be the next bride – Makes me wonder whether Maharana Pratap would marry Phool in the serial soon, once he marries Ajabdeh? Will it be so fast?

phool kanwar haldi Will Maharana Pratap Marry Phool Kunwar Along With Ajabde?


Phool Kunwar, these days is taking lot of limelight. While, the audiences are eager to see Maharana Pratap and Ajabde together, the writers do not miss to insert Phool everywhere in almost all the scenes. Now a days, she seems to be a hero of the serial, shielding Ajabde from all the evil forces.

Does That Indicate in Maharana Pratap serial, We Will See More of Phool Kunwar in Future?

The track of Phool Kunwar doesn’t seem to end but move in parallel with Ajabde and Pratap. The fact that Phool Kunwar’s face was splashed with Haldi accidentally give us a hint that marriage of Pratap and Phool Kunwar is on cards as well.

phool kunwar maharana pratap Will Maharana Pratap Marry Phool Kunwar Along With Ajabde?

Aha! In that case, we would request the writers to hold on a bit. We are eagerly waiting to see lot of Maharana Pratap and Ajabade‘s scenes, aren’t we? I hope Phool Kunwar would not become kebbab mai haddi every time after their marriage.

Will Pratap Marry Phool Kunwar?

Phool Kunwar right now is happy to see the love birds tying the knot, forgetting all her feelings. But since we know Phool Kunwar became Pratap’s wife at the later stage, it is most likely that the two will marry each other. This alliance however would not be out of love but for the two  regions – Mewar and Marwar.

maharana pratam team Will Maharana Pratap Marry Phool Kunwar Along With Ajabde?

You never know the show might show us Akbar behind Phool like a lusty lion, compelling  Pratap to protect Phool by marrying her. After all, majority of Pratap’s marriage was mainly to protect several small rulers of Mewar and Marwar.

P.S. : While Ssharad Malhotra and Rachana Parulkar are the grown up Maharana Pratap and Ajabde, I wonder who will be the grown up Phool Kunwar – Any Guesses?

Image Source: Maharana Pratap

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