Ashoka serial – When Will Maharani Charumitra’s Ache Din End?

Maharani Charumitra seems to be in bliss these days. No wonder the queen is ruling the palace the way she wants. Moreover, her son Sushim is the Prabhari Raja and together they both are controlling Rani Dharma and making Ashok weak mentally. Interestingly, even Rani Noor is not in the palace. Besides, Rajmata Helena cannot do much as she has to wait for Rani Noor’s arrival in the palace.

The conditions are so favorable for Charumitra that she is dominating the entire plot and doing things as she desired from long. With her false concern and sympathy she is even fooling Ashoka who seems to be thinking that she is helping him.

However, like the cycle of bad days end, good days end too especially if those goods days is causing destruction and troubling everybody

Mahranai Charumitra’s Ache Dinn Will End Soon

Rajmata Helena knows what Charumitra is upto. However, she isn’t aware about her prime motive. Rajmata Helena is being insecure, now that she thinks Charumitra can win over Dharma as well as Ashoka and make Sushim the heir. Rajmata Helena is not the one who can sit without doing anything. However, here in this case she has to wait for Rani Noor.

charumitra prinal ashoka When Will Maharani Charumitras Ache Din End?

Meanwhile, we are sure she won’t let Charumitra win the game so easily. So we think, Rajmata will actually try to help Ashoka and Dharma. If not then she’ll ensure that Charumitra fails in her plan. In such a situation nad circumstances we assume Charumitra would be exposed in some or the other way.

Samrat Bindusar and Chanakya Would Return Soon

We are well versed that Samrat Bindusar would soon return and he won’t be happy to see Rani Dharma’s condition. Moreover, it is quite obvious that Sushim’s actions and behavior in his absence would make him angry. This will surely bring the mother son duo back to their senses showing them their real status. Charumitra and Sushim’s happiness and ache din is quite temporary. However, the way they are behaving it seems that Sushim is already the king.

samrat bindusar sameer dharmadikari When Will Maharani Charumitras Ache Din End?

Best part would be when Charumitra will know that Rajmata Helena was never in her side but used her like a pawn in every step. We hope it happens soon where Charumitra will finally realize what a fool she was to believe that Rajmata Helena is her well-wisher.

Both Maharani Charumitra and Sushim Will Face the Burnt Soon

They had enough gala time over the years. Even if one truth is out they are finished. And this time we are sure some things will definitely come out – either Charumitra’s black magic or Sushim’s loot amongst the forest dwellers. In either of the case they both will have tough time. Perhaps, after Mir Khorasan looks like the next target will Maharani Charumita. After all till when she will run away from the schemes and plots. High time she is exposed for all her witchy things.

sushim charumitra When Will Maharani Charumitras Ache Din End?

This time even Ahankara can expose Charumitra for all her wrong doings. High time we see Charumitra suffering because of her weird plans  and ideas

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