Maharani Charumitra is troubling Rani Dharma continuously – Will she be caught this time?

Maharani Charumitra is one of the most notorious women in Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat. She surely has no sympathy towards anybody and is always on the verge of hurting somebody or the other. First she troubled Rani Noor as she saw Siamak as her son’s competition, and now she is troubling Ashok’s mother Rani Dharma as Ashoka is Sushim’s toughest competition now.

She Is Using Black Magic on Rani Dharma

While everybody is wondering what is happening to Rani Dharma, Maharani Charumitra is having fun as she can see the real effects of her black magic on Rani Dharma. This is the fourth time she has attacked her and Rani Dharma has totally lost her control as she can only see imaginary creatures around her which is nothing but an illusion created by Maharani Charumitra by her black Magic.

charumitra Who Will Catch Maharani Charumitra Red handed?

Charumitra Is Making Sure that Rani Dharma Appears Mad

At all the occasions when Rani Dharma saw the giant spiders she ran for her life as she feared her death. While, earlier it was only in front of Ahankara this time it was in front of all the Queens and some other important ladies of the palace. Unfortunately, they even make fun of Rani Dharma and Rajmata Helena shouts at Rani Dharma for her strange behavior. While, Ahankara and Rani Subhrasi are concerned, Charumitra is happy. She shows concern and takes Rani Dharma to her room with an intention to feed her with the roti that the woman had given to her.

rani dharma Who Will Catch Maharani Charumitra Red handed?

Maharani Charumitra Is Trying her Best to Trouble Rani Dharma – Will She Be Successful

The woman is trying her best to do all sort of things so that both Rani Dharma and Rajkumar Ashok are thrown out of the palace. And in a way she is successful too as her ill effects are already showing the negative effects on Dharma and if it continues Dharma will surely go in mental asylum. However, will that be possible? Well, certainly no! So, in this case we assume somebody will rescue Rani Dharma. But who?

charumitra prinal ashoka Who Will Catch Maharani Charumitra Red handed?

Who Will Rescue Rani Dharma and Expose Charumitra?

Will it be Ashoka? Well, it seems that Ashoka is busy fighting Sushim and his atrocities by being Agradutt. So, will it be Samrat Bindusar and Acharya Chanakya? Again they both are somehow trying to get out of the problem created by Ulka. Chanakya is already battling against life and death. Besides, Samrat Bindusar is making sure he protects Chanakya. Will it be Ahankara? Well seems so because she has been an eye witness to Rani Dharma’s condition and is also aware of Charumitra’s evil behavior.

charumitra ashoka Who Will Catch Maharani Charumitra Red handed?

Or will it Rani Subhrasi as she too couldn’t see Rani Dharma in pain. Or will it be Rajmata Helena because she has already warned Rani Dharma once. Yes, RaJmata Helena is playing double game with Maharani Charumitra so that both Rani Dharma – Charumitra fight against each other and Rajmata ensures she makes Siamak the next king.

Though it is hard to say who will rescue Rani Dharma, we wish she becomes alright soon and Charumitra gets punished for her actions.

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