Anti-national slogans in JNU turned the campus upside down, bringing down students to fight for themselves. Here is an endeavor by ‘Majma’.

This editorial is on behalf of Majma, a platform for progressive arts and media. We have done this music video based on Paash’s poetry ‘Hum Ladenge Saathi’ for the spirit of JNU and all our recent student and other struggles.

The recently hurled anti-national remarks and vitriols by JNU students against India had endlessly ended up in chaotic uproar in college campus. No matter their protests were for the wrong or right, but the way police has come up with this gordian knot was not at all behooving.

This video, an endeavor, is a mean to show their undying spirit. After all, when the going gets tough, the tough get going.

By Pritpal

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