India was once the root of all cultures and a world leader. Can we regain the past glory?

Indian historical congress held in Gwalior in 1952, presided by Dr. Radha Kumud Mukherjee: In his presidential address, Mukherjee deliberated that “Adi Manao must have developed in Punjab & high land of Shivalik

Sufficient historical proof is available to support the claim. His perception teaches us that human beings were born, raised and civilized on the Indian subcontinent. Human fossils near Himalaya, Sindhu ghati civilization, Harappa, Mohenjodoro, are some evidences.

Harappa Can We Make India a Super Power Again?

Vedentas are the other evidence on the basis of which we can  claim that we are the oldest civilization. We are not going to devote our time to explain the origin of human beings. Topic of discussion is “can we regain our lost glory/world power?

India Was the World Super Power

India was the world power till 17th century in terms of economy, culture, social, religious aspects. Our handicrafts, gold, spices etc were exported to different part of the world, particularly to Central Asia, Europe, Arab, Iran & other Asian and some African countries. India had good relations with Iran, Greece, Egypt etc. Through these countries our culture, goods, & religion were sent to Europe.

There are sufficient evidences in support of the claim. Prior to Invention of Islam by Md Prophet, even Arabians were idol worshippers, Iran was occupied by Aryans, Persians who migrated from Iran worshipped fire gods. All these similarities prove that Indian culture was the root of all cultures.

Indian Handicrafts Can We Make India a Super Power Again?

Md Gori attacked and looted India 17 times. Several Mongolians and Muslims from central Asia attacked India. It was Babar who established their kingdom here. But in spite of several attacks and incidents of looting by Mughals & Huns, India never lost its supremacy as a global leader in terms of economy & culture till entry of east India company in the 1700s.

In 1700 under Mughals, India produced one forth of world output. India’s decline started during the British rule of two hundred years. They started exporting raw materials from India and imported finished goods made from the same, back to India. Our artisans were discouraged & tortured. By the end of the British rule our share in world produce reduced to mere four percent.

Jawahar Lal Nehru our first PM, meant “tryst with destiny” that India would return to the front rank of global powers. However India’s declined continued till 1980 when we produced 3 percent of total global produce.

Our India Today

Our GDP has raised but still it is at its lowest ebb. Our share in world population is about 18 percent & our share in produce is merely 2.65 percent of world GDP. China got independence in 1948 & having almost equal population shares 20 percent of global GDP. Of course their system of administration is different from us.

There, the decision taken by the government will have to be implemented. But we have a democratic set up having several ifs & buts. It shows that we have failed some where.

N Modi Can We Make India a Super Power Again?

Last year, the victory of NDA and Modi, touched off an explosion of hope. However more than one year in office, Modi government is mired in problems similar to UPA 2. Its inability to push economic reforms combined with corruption and scandals like Lalit gate, Myapam etc put the government on the same boat. Recently monsoon session of parliament was washed out just on the gate of our 68th anniversary of our independence, it is sufficient enough to show how the elected representatives are worried to make us world power.

India Superpower Can We Make India a Super Power Again?

Sonia Gandhi, Rahul, Sushama and Arun Jaitley should apologize for stalling parliament since few years. Modi has rightly started MAKE IN INDIA. But it can only be achieved when reforms & amendment of laws will take place. investors & intellectuals need conducive atmosphere which can be established in the floor of the parliament only. Let us request or elected representatives to take oath that they will not mar the functioning of parliament what so ever may be the reason and no stone will remain unturned to make India a world power. India has the potential to establish itself as a world Power both economically & culturally, again. If the leaders fail to do so then they should be taught a lesson in the next elections.

Dr. Dinesh Mishra

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