The jokes doing the rounds during Gandhi Jayanti are a direct insult to the Father of the nation.

After denigrating the Nehru family by this regime this had to happen but that it would happen so soon is the only surprise. On the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti while programmes of laying wreaths and garlands continues officially, a series of jokes and sms’es do the rounds showing that in the coming days even Gandhi would be off the shelves in libraries and government offices. The man who is revered all over the world for his principles of non-violence which Martin Luther King also propagated in America till he was assassinated has today become a butt of jokes bordering on burlesque if not indecency.

Gandhi Jayanti Making Fun of Gandhi‏

Sample these two:

Circuit-Bhai Gandhi Jayanti ke baare mein Batao
Munna Bhai -Gandhi mast solid admit ha
Par Jayanti ke saath kya lafda tha
Yeh Apun Nani janta.

Munna Bhai-aay Circuit yeh Bapu kapda kyon nahi pahente thay
Circuit- Bhai bole to Bapu Bhai us time ke Salman Khan thay

Re-writing history has always been high on the agenda of the present regime. Mamata Banerjee has done her role by re- opening the files of Subhash Chandra Bose and this by default again means denigrating Nehru and Gandhi especially the latter who chose Nehru over Patel and whose differences with Bose are part of recorded history. Now we have started organising big programmes on the birthday of Deen Dayal Upadhyaya who ironically was an avid supporter of the Gandhian ideology while Atal Behari Vajpayee, one of the most respected orators of our time and a pucca RSS man praised Nehru openly. True Gandhi does not fetch votes today and every party Swartz by Ambedkar rather than Gandhi and Nehru. That has been not only a distressing sign for some years but a proof on an ungrateful nation.

Gandhi Jayanti1 Making Fun of Gandhi‏

But what is happening today as part of social media and technology via sms messages is really dangerous. The happiest today would be the Britishers who had to leave India because of the pressure created by Gandhi through his unconventional methods of “satyagraha” and non violence . Even they dared not poke fun at their sworn enemy in the way the generation which is breathing the free air in a free India is doing now.

By Amitabh Srivastava

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