It takes 50 seconds to croon our national anthem. Is it too much a time Supreme Court is asking from us as Indians?

In the Cinema hall,

We can see Mukesh dying due to cancer.

mukesh dying Making National Anthem Mandatory In Cinema Halls

We can see, people breaking their teeth by trying to eat sugarcane.

We can see Katrina having mangoes in most sexiest ways.

katrina kaif mango ad Making National Anthem Mandatory In Cinema Halls

But when we are asked to stand up for national anthem…NOOOOOOOO. We wont tolerate it.

national anthem before movie Making National Anthem Mandatory In Cinema Halls

They are the same people who talk about wars and paybacks to Pakistan more aggressively when they attack our army. But when it comes to stand up for 50 seconds to give them tribute, they find it unnecessary. Sad truth.

I feel there is nothing wrong in it. In fact, it has come on the right time when we are facing issues like JNU protest, Kashmiri protest etc. It is important to let them know the sacrifices of our country. It is for you child to know the greatness of our country. It is for all of us to know that this counties true power lies in its UNITY.

Trust me, only our great anthem can teach these values.

My dad is a ex army officer. He not only stand but also sing along with the screen artist in the cinema hall. I feel really proud of him and our Jawans, for having immense amount of respect for our anthem and our country.

Standing up for 50 seconds for them shouldn’t be a big deal for us too..

By Milind Satam at quora

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