Vijay Mallya, under the ginormous debt of 9,000 crore is evading away. Would the politicians dare to deal him in the way common men are? Don’t spare him.

By endless debates and blame game amongst parties on the media, every senior politician spokesperson seems to be conditioning the mindset of the taxpayers that Mr. Vijay Mallya of KF has fled from the country with INR9000 crore loans. Why is no senior politician including FM, PM or EAM coming up and saying that Mallya will not be spared and will be brought to adequate justice.

vijay mallya king of bad times Politicians, For The Country’s Sake End This Blame Game

Why are they not instilling confidence in the people that such level of national crime will not be pardoned at any cost?

Why is the current ruling govt. not coming up and declaring what immediate and swift actions they have now initiated to ensure none of the other declared willful defaulters run away?

vijay mallya Politicians, For The Country’s Sake End This Blame Game

Do our leaders have the political will to stop this menace or are they just diverting the nation’s attention with useless debates and giving time to other willful defaulters to destroy evidence and/or escape?

Politicians, for the country’s sake, please spare us from this blame game on each other and get your act together before its too late.

By Diven Singla

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