Is Mamata Banerjee enabling terror activities in West Bengal and elsewhere in India? Has she no knowledge or control over actions of TMC members?

Mamata Banerjee Is Mamata Banerjee’s Lax Administration Responsible for Terror Attacks?

  1. Mamata Banerjee has always been one of the enfants terrible of Indian politics; known for her headstrong ways, her intractable nature, her inability to take criticism of any sort and her despotic tendencies. But now her idiosyncratic nature is actually proving pernicious for West Bengal – the government headed by her is either lax or incompetent or both. Individuals or groups in power may be conniving at activities that could be weakening the state, furthering personal agendas or may actually be involved in criminal activities.
  2. Because of active participation and encouragement or because of passive connivance, the authorities in West Bengal are permitting criminal activities that range from terror attacks, to cross border smuggling to scams to money laundering, to the proliferation of counterfeit currency.
  3. In recent times the Saradha ponzi scam has pointed to involvement from members of the ruling Trinamool Congress (TCM). Several members have been implicated in the multi crore scam and have also repeatedly been questioned by the CBI. The chief of the company Sudipta Sen (now chargesheeted by the CBI) is known to have close links with Kunal Ghosh, suspended TCM MP. (Source – Zee News)
  4. There are also indications that the Saradha scam money has found its way to terror organisations and has been used to target common citizens of the country. It is suspected that The Islami Bank based in Bangladesh is where the Saradha funds are parked and that the bank is a conduit that enables the terror outfit Jamaat-e-Islam to collect those funds. (Source – One India)
  5. It is also thought that fake currency notes find their way into the country via West Bengal; that the porous borders between the state and Bangladesh permits the proliferation of counterfeit currency in India. Investigators have found that one of the suspects Rafiq had been sending money to Fakhrul Islam (suspected kingpin in the fake currency racket) via two West Bengal bank accounts. (Source – Times of India)
  6. Yesterday’s blast in Burdwan, West Bengal is seen to have similar links with terror outfits connected to scam money and funds from other criminal activities that have been parked in Bangladesh banks. There is a significant amount of evidence to suggest that Saradha chit fund money has been used to fuel terror in India; that the funds were transferred to Bangladesh banks via politicians.
  7. According to the National Investigating Agency, the terror group Jamaat-ul-Mujahideen Bangladesh (JMB) is responsible and 3 arrests have been made in this connection. A visit to a house in house at Mathpara on Badsahi Road in Burdwan revealed 40 improvised hand grenades. (Source – Zee News)
  8. Mamata Banerjee either has no idea of what her politicians are doing, or has no control over them. It is an even scarier possible scenario that she is choosing to either overlook the activities of her party members or is conniving at activities that are pernicious to the safety of citizens and the security and integrity of the country.
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