Communalism is rampant in Bengal, media coverage is less though. And Bengal’s govt. has always been and is, like in Dulagarh riots, ignorant towards it.

Communalism has always prevailed in West Bengal even if latent to the world around, for, most of the cases are not aired by the pseudo-secular media who choose to remain mum over Bengal’s recent ‘Dhulagarh Riots’, while censure hard against the Dadri lynching. Media’s selectivity towards communal news is highly dependent upon the party associated with it.

bengal riots What Does Mamatas Silence Over Dhulagarh Riot Hint At?

Somnath Mishra takes well on quora regarding the recently transpired Dhulagarh riots in Bengal.

This is the story of Dhulagarh where most of the local Hindu families have deserted their houses and can’t even return there as their houses have been burned and property has been looted. The govt. is adding insult to injury by offering 35 Thousand INR as financial help to the families affected by riots, with that amount I can hardly fix anything laments Namita Sanpui, who lives in the same locality.

The Mamata Banerjee govt. has banned Zee news from entering the area to prevent the reporting of the riots in fact the govt. has slapped a non-bailable offence against three employees of the TV channel Zee News, including editor Sudhir Chaudhary, West Bengal correspondent Pooja Mehta and cameraperson Tanmay Mukherjee under Section 153A (promoting enmity) of the Indian Penal Code.

When BJP leaders tried to enter the town they were prevented by the police which did not allow them to enter without any previously issued notice. Later even CPM and Congress leaders were barred from entering the region as the govt. did their best to cover up the riots.

Mamata Banerjee when asked about the riots reportedly stated that nothing has happened there and the media houses should be ashamed of themselves for asking such questions to her. If nothing has happened there why she stopped media houses and opposition leaders from getting into the town?

mamata files fir zee news What Does Mamatas Silence Over Dhulagarh Riot Hint At?

Mamata Banerjee hasn’t been able to prevent the atrocities on Hindus in Dhulagarh because she does not wish to prevent it. We can accomplish something only if we have the willingness to do it however the govt. is unwilling in preventing this form of Jehad because Muslims in Bengal are a big vote bank for Mamata and her party TMC. Bengal has been burning for decades, the communists were horrible and violence was mainstream under them but TMC has taken it to another level altogether.

Apart from Zee News the other media houses like NDTV, ABP News, Aaj Tak etc. did not bother to report it as they are selectively secular and selectively honest. They have a very simple modus operandi, first check if the victims of any incident are Muslims/Dalits/Christians, then check if the govt. in power is BJP, if yes then telecast 35 shows, 13 debates and 7 panel analysis per day on the incident however if the conditions are not met they can forget about it and show analysis on tourism in Goa.

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