How effective is the management of God, the creator? Let’s find out –


God the creator of this universe and pioneer in setting up the word “Management”, his management, the most rational and accurate system, but still develops questions on “Justice System”. Let’s talk understand in comic way.

god cloud The Management of God

We often see such examples, some people who owned more then what they deserved, keeping trend on their present behavior/actions their belonging raised many questions, why it is so, why they, why not us.

We had heard from our elders on subject of Karma; their role in our present life and word birth after birth, we have been told/explained, what we are today, is nothing but the reflection of our last birth, is it reward or penalty is sets by karma’s balance. God’s management system is more or less like account system, profit or lose will give fruit in next birth, but isn’t against the human nature, We have been rewarded/punished for that thing which we don’t remember today, will it lead to any kind of motivation?, isn’t we say “live for today forget about yesterday and tomorrow”, when word “Today” is important for positive balance, then how come this balance of carry forward system applied to our lives.

Ask to yourself, if you had been punished after 10 years of now for today’s mistake, will you remember this point of castigation, will it lead to any behavioral change like; “negative re-enforcement”.

He has created us, he has set foundation of our nature/psychology, we do have tendency to take the things as granted if we get it without any struggle, or get de-motivated if we don’t get result of our efforts sooner. So the question is; how effective is this kind of “Management philosophy”.

Karma’s is active for multiple results, both negative and positive, simply can understand by this way, “one seed can implant indefinite fruits/trees”, even in “GEETA” it has been described “ Just do it and forget about the result”, I believe it is against the human nature, we cannot be neutral for all we do in our life, may be at certain extent it is possible but not for all action/karma, the humane has been designed with certain logic, certain pre-set nature/psychology, certain expectation, certain selfishness, certain emotions, if we take off from us we will not remain as humane, we become some goddess or so.

Buddhism Karma The Management of God

Question is then, why there is no instant justice system, why the culprit enjoy the long ruling period of and pay in last, sounds more similar like Indian movies, villain payback only at the end of movie, or criminal send to prison after five-ten years of actual crime, by the time victim probably left the world or leave the fight of his/her rights due to side effects of this justice war.

There is no doubt or question about the justice; it is there though we don’t realize when we face, as we forget the actual time/facts.

One can have blind faith on this, “No one knows us better than God, he is our only true friend” who stand by us in our ups and downs, when he takes away one thing he blesses us with two more things to makes us extra ordinary person in some quality, probably to compensate what he had taken off. We have seen the example of handicap people, they have something extra sense power than normal person, or we may call it power of sixth sense or so.

Think on this

If there will be an instant justice/reward system, will this world be like as it’s today. How it would be then? Probably much better than today, are we moving towards our end? Generally when creator foresees THE END, then he leaves it for end, is it?

By: Rajkumari Nagpal

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