Mandana Karimi is not out of the Bigg Boss 9 house. She is in the secret room ready to be back in the house – Are the makers favoring her?

Mandana Karimi has been the center of attraction in Bigg Boss 9 right from the start. First she was linked with Keith Sequeira, then Mandana’s cat fights with Rochelle Rao became a hot topic. If that was not enough, her fights with other inmates made her a ‘villain’ in front of everybody.

mandana karimi bigg boss 9 Is Mandana Karimi Favored by Bigg Boss and Salman Khan?

Recently, she has been accused of being Salman Khan’s favorite

Puneet Vashisht told the media how Salman Khan is openly backing Mandana Karimi, his favorite from the show. He also added that Salman Khan will ensure that Mandana will lift the trophy this year. In an candid interview with a tabloid he said,

This year I am so sure Salman is going to make Mandana Karimi win. Although I am no one to judge but according to my reading, she is the biggest two faced woman I have ever seen in my life! She was good friends with me initially but gradually changed sides as per her wish. But Bigg Boss will never focus on that. They’ll only show her side where she is complaining about Kishwer Merchant, acting cute or showing her dresses to people around. Nobody is seeing the inner side and everybody is seeing just the outer manipulative side. Ethics wise this is a total shit show!

Mandana Karimi Salman Khan Bigg Boss Is Mandana Karimi Favored by Bigg Boss and Salman Khan?

Mandana Karimi Is Not Kicked Out of the Show, but is kept in the Secret Room

We might think that Puneet’s claims are baseless. However, last night’s mid-week eviction of Mandana does raise a doubt in our minds. Well, Mandana has been kicked out of the house after her bad performance in the Shararti Bachche task. However, this is not a permanent arrangement. The reason being, Mandana is not evicted from the show but is kept in a secret room because of her ill health.

mandana karimi bigg boss 91 Is Mandana Karimi Favored by Bigg Boss and Salman Khan?

The Mid—Week Eviction is Actually a Boon for Mandana Karimi

Mandana is not keeping well these days. So, the shift from the house to a secret special room has come at a right time. It is actually a boon for her because she will be under doctor’s observation and the physicians will be constantly checking on her health till the time she feels better. Besides, she can keep an eye on the house inmates as well.

mandana karimi iranian beauty Is Mandana Karimi Favored by Bigg Boss and Salman Khan?

The Mid-Week Eviction Actually Helps Her to Stay More

If Mandana Karimi was not kicked yesterday, it was quite obvious that the house inmates would have nominated her for being the weakest performer of the week. The entire drama between her and Prince and other members would really affect her badly. In such a scenario there was a huge chance of her eviction as she would not get votes. Moreover, she is not viewers’ favorite and is popularly known as the two faced woman.

mandana karimi hot pics Is Mandana Karimi Favored by Bigg Boss and Salman Khan?

We really wonder whether the channel, Salman Khan and makers of Bigg Boss 9 are going out of their way to ensure Mandana’s safe stay in the house. No wonder, the girl is good for fights, controversies and TRPs – What do you think?

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