Mandana Karimi to be Evicted on January 16 from Bigg Boss 9? Read the complete story…

2 days ago, we had shared shocking revelations by Suyyash Rai on Bigg Boss and Mandana Karimi in his detailed interview. If you remember he had mentioned that Mandana Karimi will be out of the game on 16th. While, we did doubt his prediction, it now seems that Mandana has high chances of getting evicted before the finale!

mandana karimi eliminated bigg boss 9 Bigg Boss 9 : Mandana Karimi to be Evicted on January 16?

Mandana Left the Task of ‘Fight for Ticket to Finale’ Quickly

Mandana, Prince and Kishwer were selected to participate in the “Road to Finale” task where each of the three were given fenced boxes with buzzers. According to the rules, the first person to press the buzzer would get disqualified from the ‘Road to Finale’ task but will be allowed to stay in the game. The second quitter i.e. the person who presses the buzzer next, would have to leave the Bigg Boss house with a total sum of Rs. 6 lakhs. And the third person, the winner of the task could get the ticket to finale week.

Prince Kish Mandana Bigg Boss 9 : Mandana Karimi to be Evicted on January 16?

While, we wondered who will win and who will lose, Mandana was the first person to quit the task. Well, without any fight, the girl pressed the buzzer and became the first person to exit. Yes, she left the direct ticket to the finale, leaving the game on between Prince and Kishwer.

Seeing that neither Prince nor Kishwer is willing to give up the task, Bigg Boss then increased the sum for the second winner from Rs. 6 lakhs to Rs. 8 lakhs. However, both the players still continued their game stubbornly waiting for the makers to increase the amount. Next, Bigg Boss raised the amount to 15 Lakhs. As soon as the sum was increased to Rs. 15 lakh, Kishwer pressed the buzzer and was happy to stay out.

Coming back to Mandana’s Action in this task, Well, now it certainly makes us wonder whether what Suyyash was saying is correct? Is Mandana really being eliminated on the 16th?

Mandana Karimi Big Boss 9 Bigg Boss 9 : Mandana Karimi to be Evicted on January 16?

Mandana’s Film Kya Kool Hai Hum Is Releasing Soon

On January 22, Mandana’s film Kya Kool Hai Hum is releasing and the makers would definitely want the girl to be out to promote the film. Besides, now that she easily left the task in between there is no doubt that Bigg Boss will actually eliminate her on January 22nd as predicted by Suyyash Rai who was eliminated last week. Here’s what he said in his interview to BollywoodLife,

“I can give you in written that Mandana is going to leave the house on the 16th of this month. Now that’s according to my calculation! That too because her film Kya Kool Hain Hum 3 is releasing on the 22nd of January so the makers will take her out to promote the film, physically outside the Bigg Boss house! They can’t only play on Bigg Boss ka promotions.”

mandana karimi hot Bigg Boss 9 : Mandana Karimi to be Evicted on January 16?

Now, this makes us curious as to what is in store for Mandana Karimi. Will she be out on 16th or will she continue till the last. Viewers what do you think – What will be the outcome?

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