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In the serial Yeh Hai Mohabbatein, Mani in a fit of anger behaved quiet weirdly. He not only broke all his connections with Ishita but also helped Shagun in her wrong deeds. It was only his anger, and ego that he supported Shagun against Ishita which ultimately separated Raman and Pihu.

However, now that Mani knows the real culprit is not Aditya Bhalla but Nidhi, he will realize his mistake. After all, he has unintentionally separated Pihu from the Bhalla family. Moreover, Pihu is with Shagun who was the one to get Nidhi out of bail.

Mani to Apologize for His Mistake

Now that Nidhi has been caught red-handed, Mani knows that it is not Adi but Nidhi who is responsible. He is all set to apologize to Ishita for his behavior. However, Raman in angry on Mani because Mani is the reason why he lost the custody of Pihu. Despite all the chaos, Mani will seek forgiveness from Ishita.

 YHM: Will Mani Help Ishita In Getting Back Pihu?

Will Raman Forgive Mani?

Since we know Ishita forgives everybody easily, she will forgive Mani too. After all, they both are good friends and it was Mani who took care of Ishita for more than seven years when she had nowhere to go. However, now the question is – Will Raman Forgive Mani? After all, he thinks Mani is the only reason why Pihu is not with him. Interestingly, Raman even slaps Mani over the issue. Now that Mani will realize his mistake we are sure he will try to help Raman and Ishita.

yeh hai mohabbatein YHM: Will Mani Help Ishita In Getting Back Pihu?

How Will Mani Help Ishita and Raman in Getting Pihu?

Pihu believes that her mother Shagun is quite a nice lady and Ishita is a bad lady. The girl has no idea that her mother Shagun is not the same any more. She in fact is using her against Ishita, just the way she used Adi years ago. We assume that soon Pihu wll realize about Shagun’s reality and this will be brought in front of her through Mani. You never know if the kids – Aaliya, Adi and Ruhi too help him in bringing the truth. No wonder, only if Mani brings Pihu in the Bhalla house back, he can mend his relationship with Raman.

raman ishita YHM: Will Mani Help Ishita In Getting Back Pihu?

We just hope Pihu gets to know who her real mother is soon. After all, we are missing Ruhanika Dhawan and Divyanka Tripathi’s amazing chemistry. The sooner they mend the ways, the better it is for the viewers. Hope the CVs are listening this time. We want a happy and prosperous Bhalla family yet again.


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