Ever since Mad in India went on air, there are speculations of Manish Paul quitting the show. Is he really quitting? Lend your ears to this piece of news

From news, gossips to rumors as well as reports, buzz was that Manish Paul who has a 26 episode contract with Star Plus will quit Mad in India 100% Desi Show. Some new agency also said he already has quit the show and so 31st March will be his last.

However, yesterday that is 6th April when I switched on to Star Plus at 9pm, I could see Manish Paul dancing to the tune of “dil mai baji ghanti yaar” and even welcoming the guest of the show, the crazy man – Anu Mallik.

manish paul mad in india Did Manish Paul Finally Quit Mad In India?

Recently Manish Paul had said that the show is a reminiscence of the Jay Leno show that made me think that why on earth will Manish quit the show when he gets to act like Jay Leno himself. Well, going by the sources of news channels, it seems that there is differences between him and Sunil Grover. While, the former strictly wants to adhere the concept of interviewing the personalities without any interference, the latter has a creative difference since that concept didn’t really work for Mad in India.

I wonder what Sunil Grover, Manish Paul, Creative Team and Star Plus is up to because ever since the show started it is in midst of 4C’s – chaos, confusion, conflict and controversy. If only these people would sit together and come up with a concrete solution which could not only entertain the audiences but could also raise the TRP of the show because as of now Mad in India has not even touched the bottom line of the TRP scale, forget about reaching the top.

madinindia anu malik Did Manish Paul Finally Quit Mad In India?

However, going by the promos of next episode that is of next week it seems that Manish Paul is nowhere to be seen, raising the speculation yet again, “Whether he has really said good-bye to the show even if he had a 26 episode contract?But the absense of Paul in the promo confirms that he has indeed quit the show which means 31st march was his last date of shooting where he hosted the show one last time with guest Anu Mallik.

Also, in the promo I could see Chunky Pandey sitting just like Navjot Singh Sidhu in Comedy Nights With Kapil. Now is MID really trying so hard to impress the audiences that they are imitating Comedy Nights With Kapil in every possible way? There were speculations that the show is going off air from Star Plus soon but with the change in concepts, I don’t think Star Plus will so easily say quits to Mad in India after all izzat ka sawaal hai.

Moreover, the makers are trying to work all the possibilities that might entertain the audiences from guinea pigs in the form of Chutki to Sabjee and now even Sunil Grover as a musician. With so many trial and errors, I only hope the show succeeds in its endeavor otherwise that day is not far when the team of Mad in India will be compelled to shut its shop permanently from the market space of Star Plus.

By: Deepti Verma

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Image Courtesy: StarPlus.in

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