Know the Reasons Why We Fans Want to Save Manmarzian TV serial on Star Plus…

Siddharth Tewary’s Manmarzian is a youth based TV show which created quite a stir ever since it went live on Star Plus. However, just when the story moved a step ahead and more and more people started taking interest in it, Star Plus decided to end the show.

manmarzian star cast #WeWantManmarzian : 10 Reasons Why We Want to Save Manmarzian

According to the confirmed news, the serial will air last on August 29. From August 31st, a new show Sumit Sambhal Lega will be shown at 10pm and Tere Sheher Mai will move to the 10.30pm slot. While, we do not mind watching a comedy show at prime time, we seriously object the end of Dosti Yaariyan Manmarzian within just 4 months of its airing.

Here are our reasons why we want to Save Manmarzian:

Because it is All about Friendship, Living Life on One’s Own Terms unlike the usual Family rona dhona

Manmarzian is quite different than other Star Plus serials. The serial revolves around youngsters and their life and not on some bahu and her never ending sacrifices for the family.

Manmarzian star plus #WeWantManmarzian : 10 Reasons Why We Want to Save Manmarzian

The Protagonist Appears Real unlike the Typical Larger than Life Bahu

All the characters in Manmarzian appear real. None of them is larger than life. They all resemble the real life people which we come across on a daily basis.

Sam and Arjun #WeWantManmarzian : 10 Reasons Why We Want to Save Manmarzian

We love the unconditional friendship of Neil and Sam

The friendship of Neil and Sam is exemplary. We want more such stories of true friendship.

Neil and Samira #WeWantManmarzian : 10 Reasons Why We Want to Save Manmarzian

Radhika’s Optimistic Nature Is Something to Watch Out

For a change it is rather interesting to watch a young optimistic girl as a protagonist unlike the sad and teary bahu. Monica Sehgal as Radhika is simply superb. We need more such role models in Indian Television.

Radhika Mishra monica sehgal #WeWantManmarzian : 10 Reasons Why We Want to Save Manmarzian

Because it is a Positive Show

Unlike other serials where you are continuously exposed to lot of negativity, Manmarzian is quite a positive show.

Aham Sharma Monica Sehgal Kashmira Irani and Shravan Reddy  #WeWantManmarzian : 10 Reasons Why We Want to Save Manmarzian

The Show Exhibits that Even Two Girls Can Be Good Friends Without any Jealousy

Manmarzian is a story of two friends Sam and Radhika where both of them think about each other first. There is no ill feeling between them. In one of the episodes Sam sees her bf Arjun holding hands with Radhika yet she neither complains nor asks anything.

manmarzian friendship #WeWantManmarzian : 10 Reasons Why We Want to Save Manmarzian

It is a Musical TV serial

The background music and song of Manmarzian is not only melodious but also very stimulating. It is the music of the serial that further makes the serial even more interesting.

It has Aham Sharma

Aham Sharma is a very talented actor. He as Arjun Mehra is rocking the show. Even though Arjun is a negative character, Aham Sharma is doing a fabulous job.

Arjun aham sharma #WeWantManmarzian : 10 Reasons Why We Want to Save Manmarzian

The Serial Has a Super Talented Supporting Star Cast

Not just the main star cast even the supporting cast of Manmarzian is super talented. Then whether it is Mohan Kapoor, Shilpa Saklani, Radhika’s parents in the serial or the office members of Bird Song, the entire star cast is super talented.

manmarzian gang #WeWantManmarzian : 10 Reasons Why We Want to Save Manmarzian

Of course we are eager to see Radhika and Arjun’s love story

The love story of Radhika and Arjun just got started and here the channel wants to end the serial. Now isn’t that unfair?

radhika arjun manmarzian #WeWantManmarzian : 10 Reasons Why We Want to Save Manmarzian

Here are our reasons to #SaveManmarzian – What is yours? Make sure you have joined the campaign on social media to save this serial….

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