The timid, humble and soft-spoken PM needs to realize the need of the hour is to address the people of the nation directly to inspire them and give them hope in a time of severe crisis at various fronts. His perennial silence and often-too late responses, have lead one too many to believe that even though he isn’t birth dumb, he just isn’t fit to truly lead India.

Millions would have asked the question why Prime Minister Manmohan Singh does not speak. Has he taken some vow of silence? Or is he scared to speak and address the nation which is asking him umpteen questions at a time when the country is facing crises on many fronts? Many just wonder why can’t our ‘leaders’ speak like Obama?
Manmohan SIngh Meets John Kerry 300x219 Why Manmohan Singh Is Not Birth Dumb?
Why don’t we have a Prime Minister who inspires us, make us feel like we matter, and arouse a renewed sense of patriotism even in this severely fractured democracy that is India?

Our Prime Minister and the future Prime Minister Candidate spoke at a Congress rally where there was just disappointment and utter disconnect with the audience.

Vikram Muthanna in Star of Mysore writes, “The content was repetitive as usual, and like all his speeches, uninspiring. What use is his intellect, if it can neither save us nor give us hope or produce words that will inspire us?”

The Washington Post newspaper had put in print just about everything that an ordinary Indian thinks about prime minister Manmohan Singh as he presided majestically over scam after earth (and space) shattering scam:

“An honourable, humble and intellectual technocrat (who) has slowly given way to a dithering, ineffectual bureaucrat presiding over a deeply corrupt government.”

The people quoted by the paper (including the historian Ramachandra Guam and the PM’s ex-media advisor Sanjaya Baru) had called him a “tragic figure”—fatally handicapped by timidity, complacency and intellectually dis-honesty—who has transformed himself from an object of respect to one of ridicule, and is in danger of going down in history as a “failure”.
Not surprisingly, for a government which thought Time magazine did not have the right to call Manmohan Singh an “underachiever”, there were calls for an apology from the Washington Post. Ambika Soni, the former information and broadcasting minister who was once part of Sanjay Gandhi‘s charmed circle, had called Washington Post‘s reporting “yellow journalism”.

“We have our apprehension to a foreign daily publishing something baseless on our prime minister… This is what we call as yellow journalism,” Soni said.

“How can a US daily take the matter such lightly and publish something regarding the prime minister of another country. I will speak to the ministry of external affairs (MEA) and government officials and definitely do something over this issue,” she added.

Is this yellow journalism or legitimate journalism? I ask. Is slamming PM, government ‘yellow journalism’?
Though there are rare times when Manmohan Singh broke his silence and spoke eloquently, breaking from his stereotype image of being a “weak and meek” PM. On September 21, 2012: Television viewers were confused whether to laugh or agree with Manmohan Singh when he made a very “obvious” statement that “Paise Ped Pe nahin lagte (Money does not grow on trees)” to soothe the frayed nerves of aam aadmi reeling under the burden of price rise. But, political observers welcomed his address to the nation and said PM’s speech was the need of the hour. “Better late than never” was how everyone reacted to Manmohan Singh’s speech. However, his hardcore critics felt that he should not have taken so long to greet Indians. Critics say Manmohan Singh spoke only after Congress-led UPA government’s main ally Trinamool Congress (TMC) withdrew its support from the Centre over the diesel price hike, LPG cap and FDI in retail.
August 27, 2012: “Hazaaron jawaabon se acchi hai meri khaamoshi. Na Jaane kitne sawaalon ki aabroo rakhi (My silence is better than a thousand words. I have saved the sanctity of many questions)“, said Manmohan Singh while addressing the media outside the Parliament in the wake of CAG’s allegations of mis-allocation of coal blocks.
“It has been my general practice not to respond to motivated criticism directed personally at me.”
(Source: OneIndia News)

Manmohan Singh is not birth dumb but he is processed like that. Owing to our disability of making decisions is the biggest communication barrier in our Indian society. This is why Manmohan Singh is not a great orator but a sharp intellectual person who served very well as a finance minister and as the chief economic adviser.

Many of the youngsters feel unanimously that, “The country demands Manmohan Singh to address its citizens on a frequent basis. All we hope is that, Manmohan Singh should take a resolution to speak on a regular basis on issues pertaining to the nation, and won’t further confuse voters with his trademark silence.”

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