Manmohan Singh defends himself – Claims he is very articulate unlike what others think

I Follow Gandhi Ji’s Principles (Err… I meant his monkeys)

The three monkeys Manmohan Singh Defends Himself

But I Can Mime – I Can Lip Sync !

You Just Have To Read My Expressions

Manmohan Singh 2 Manmohan Singh Defends Himself

Every One And Their Uncle Is Writing A Book On Me – Amazon and Flipkart Are Flooded

Manmohan Singh 3 Manmohan Singh Defends Himself


Sanjay Baru – Its Your Loss – You Could Have Been A Loyalist 

Manmohan Singh 5 Manmohan Singh Defends Himself


For those not in the know – Of late, Manmohan Singh has seen quite a bit of controversy due to the release of the two books which accuse him of being a rubber stamp Prime Minister and show how the main power centre was Sonia Gandhi. Sanjay Baru (one of the authors) even goes on to say that he did have knowledge of the wrong-doings (by A. Raja, Coal, etc) – but could do nothing about it due to political compulsions (does this make him complicit in the scams ?)

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Image Source: Manmohan Singh 1, Manmohan Singh – Opn Open Book,Manmohan Singh – Rajya Sabha

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