People’s dissatisfaction with the performance of UPA cannot be diminished through one Press Conference. The Manmohan Singh Government needs to dig deeper to undo the wrongs.

Dr.Manmohan Singh himself proved that his tenure in the Office as a Prime Minister was disastrous to Congress party and the nation. Inflation and corruption increased. His claim on nuclear agreement was actually detrimental to India. We spoiled good relationships with Iran that gives oil to us. We were forced by US to vote against Iran in the International Atomic Energy Agency to rope the petroleum gas pipeline project in collaboration with Pakistan. It would have strengthened our relationship with Pakistan and Iran.  Now the very US and the West make agreements with Iran and extend hands of friendships.What about India?

Gradually our broader problems with Pakistan could be resolved.Our LPG cylinder shortage could be solved, 123 agreements bring nuclear disaster issues in future. Even Japan dropped this nuclear power project. If Dr.Manmohan Singh’s argument is applicable then people elected UPA for a second term rejecting all corruption charges.  Mr.Modi was elected twice after 2002. Minorities are supporting him. Mr. Modi was waiting to get exonerated from the allegations to apologize. Now he did. But the anti-Sikh riot of 1984 are yet to be settled against the Congress leaders. Mr.Modi took 11 years to apologize for no fault of his as the case was under adjudication. Congress Government took 29 and more years to apologize in Parliament on the Delhi riots of 1984. Further if Mr.Manmohan Singh’s own arguments are applicable to Mr.Modi, both were re-elected by the people after allegations ,Mr.Manmohan Singh Government once while Mr. Modi thrice, Modi was elected by the common voters while Mr.Manmohan Singh was selected by the Nehru family and got elected to Rajya Sabha voted by MLAs and hence, his obligation is not to people but to the employer in his party.

Constitutionally India is a Socialist nation,but in practice the UPA Government drags India to the Globalized Capitalist system. The control of India has been in the hands of the West and West minded MNCs in India. Our sovereignty has been surrendered.Hence the Italian Marine,the US spy Mr. Headley and Khobragade issues tease our Foreign policy.Internationally we are mocked at. It is because of our undue considerations for the West that encouraged Mr.Bush to tell India “Be with us or be our enemy.” We are forced to appoint ministers and retain them to the will and pleasures of the US.Let us remember here the issues of Ms.Neera Radia and Mr.A Raja. Why should we depend on Dollars in international trade? Why can’t we insist on Indian Rupees or make trade with such countries that accept our rupees? We are not ready to resist the influence of Indians born and brought up in America? We blindly follow the American culture and instructions to the best though they were failures in the US.  The Congress thus made our nation “nasty and brutish”. Let us hope for a BJP government next time. It may be disastrous for Congress Party but not for India.

By P Nasarudheen

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