Many Deaths in India Caused by Love

Victims of terror attacks reported more and more in recent years, but the biggest contributor to death in India comes from love and things related to broken heart. In the period 2001 to 2015, love became the biggest reason officially for murder cases. There are 38.585 murder cases, 79.189 suicides due to love, and 260 thousand female abduction cases due to marriage motives. With these figures, in India there are 7 cases of murder, 14 cases of suicide, and 47 cases of kidnapping because of the process of elopement, whereas cases of death due to terror in India in the same period reached 20,000 civilians and security forces. Data shows that the Andhra Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu and Madhya Pradesh regions have the highest number of murder cases in the name of love. Usually the reason for the murder or suicide caused by rejected love that results in violence, a sad love story so suicide, or anger in a relationship due to class and caste in India. Men themselves according to data are indeed three times more likely to experience suicide deaths than women in India. One explanation is that men, especially at younger ages, tend to be more impulsive and more likely to commit suicide attempts in more deadly ways (such as using firearms).

Access to lethal facilities during a crisis someone wants to commit suicide is a major contributing factor to suicide. Therefore, the government of India suggests to not leaving people who want to commit suicide alone with dangerous drugs, sharp objects, firearms, rope and the like. The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention recommends that all people immediately invite people around them who show signs of wanting to commit suicide, talk openly. Many people think suicide is a taboo and no need to discussed, but in fact, the people who want to commit suicide need to talk to them who can help and avoid them from the reckless action.

Many Deaths in India Caused by Love

Of course, not everyone in India understands psychology, psychiatry or mental health science. However, everyone needs to keep talking to the people around them who want to kill themselves. The medical world recognizes this kind of thing as ‘broken heart syndrome’. This syndrome can occur because someone has experienced severe stress due to the hurt he experienced. In addition, heartbreak due to death can also be a cause. The risk of death for people who are broken heart considered greater. Medical data said the risk of death often occurs in the first 6 months after a broken heart. From the results of these studies, it is highly recommended for anyone who is experiencing a broken heart so as not to hide his or her feelings. You can tell the closest people slowly. This believed to be a way to reduce the stress burden that is in mind that will decrease the number of deaths caused by love in India.

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