Rape is a rape, be it marital or not-marital. Offense towards the women remains same. Then why not criminalize marital rape?

To adjudge marital rape as a criminal offence has been an issue of debate since a long time. But until now, the matter couldn’t be resolved. For many, yet, criminalizing marital rape is a plain ‘no’. Marriage, especially in India, is considered as something pristine and sacred. Plethora of norms, notions and customs are associated with marriage and the narrow mind-set of people deters them from espousing marital rape as a crime.

marital rape Marital Rape Must Be Criminalized. Here Is Why For It.

In my approach to criminalize marital rape, I would like to juxtapose rape and marital rape alongside each other and bring into light the stark similarity existing in both. Not, I would discuss what rape is, for it’s an everyday crime that stings the girls of our nation. And, what about marital rape? It is all same except the victim in it is the wife and perpetrator, the wife’s own husband. Does this difference really make no difference? Just because they are married in the eyes of law, non-consensual sex remains free from the tag of crime. But, why? Sleep over it.

marital rape crime Marital Rape Must Be Criminalized. Here Is Why For It.

They say that their unison on legal papers means that the wife has been handed over to her husband and she is his property then after. So, criminalizing marital rape, according to those morons, ruin the married life. What nonsense? Such normative and deep-seated mentality has actually liberated males to victimize their spouse. So in India, it’s better that a wife ruins her own life being raped by her own husband but not ruin their pseudo sacred marriage. What an irony!

By Prerna Daga

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