Marriage is still imposed upon girls in Indian society. They still beseech matrimonial freedom. But it’s time the girls seize their this freedom.

Undoubtedly, we have come a long-long way in the guise of modernity but this blossoming modernity, in my eyes, is a mere prima facia. Does only westernized outfit make one modern? Or embracing some of their traditions labels you modern? No, modernity has nothing to do with externalism. It is all about how rational and reasonable is your approach towards the life.

Reason why I chose to squiggle on this topic is because of the rampancy of this issue all across the Indian society. Marriage, like the days of yore, continues to haunt women until today. Why? Because no matter however robustly women of Indian society might had vindicated their educational rights alike men, the freedom of marriage is yet in the bucket list of many helplessly fierce girls.

malala yousafzai Marry When You Are Ready, Not Your Parents

A girl doesn’t even tip-toe the finishing line of her graduation and her family sets about to entangle her in their long-wished goal, that is, her ‘MARRIAGE’. This has been the long-drawn-out tradition and persists perpetually.

marriage Marry When You Are Ready, Not Your Parents

The rust minds of our society need to fathom the dreams of a girl too. A girl pursues her academics and I’m sure, the tedious pursuit by her of course is to not land up on the penumbra of marriage. Not that I’m anti-marriage or an antagonist who is here to abolish marriage. What I want to bring into light is that 22, 23 or 24 is just a numeric figure to quantify her age, and can’t oblige any girl to hook up. Some girls in 22 may find themselves fitting enough to be wedded, while some, even in their 27, may not find the same.

Point is clear and concise. Let her marry when she is ready. Not her parents. Not her relatives. And not the prying society.

By Prerna Daga

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