Mary Kom packs a punch in every sphere of her life. Know more about Mary the boxing champ, social activist, writer and… actor?

Mary Kom has ignited passion and dreams in millions of young Indian women who aspire to compete and win in the world of sport. In our country the apathy towards the development and nurturing of sportsmen and sports women is well documented. However despite such odds “A Mary Kom is born” out of her fierce determination to be the best at her sport and rise to the global stage to win an Olympic medal.  

What draws people to her, connects and inspires them is the fact that they share similar experiences and challneges. Most of them know how it feels not being able to buy shoes and sports gear, not having access to trainers, sports educators or even  a place to practice. Medical supervision or guidance is totally missing and one can forget about any sort of sports rehabilitation or injury management. They know what kind of challenges lay ahead when a young woman from a tribal community facing political and civil strife has to face. They can easily relate to the rejection and isolation faced by someone who is playing a sport like Boxing and not Cricket or Lawn-tennis.

mary kom fierce Mary Kom : The Champion Boxer


 A list Of Mary Kom’s National And International Wins.

mary kom titles wins Mary Kom : The Champion Boxer


 My Mommy Strongest!

Mary has three beautiful children and  managed to balance professional and familial responsibilities brilliantly. Finding this balance is something women find an unsurnmountable challenge at times. Mary’s success as a professional athlete and her ability to be an engaged full time mother is inspiring.  Is there anything this woman can’t achieve?!

mary kom children Mary Kom : The Champion Boxer

Indian boxer MC Mary Kom Mary Kom : The Champion Boxer

 Unbreakable – Her Autobiography

The title of her book reflects her life story aptly. The key takeway from her autobiographical account can be summed up as “Born in a poor family and struggling to earn livelihood, social pressure, a woman, three siblings, love for sports- for God’s sake, not cricket, Dingko Singh, boxing ring, marriage and a leap of faith turn it into a complete Indian trickery show. She is one of the rarest sporting legends whose personal life is outshining the professional, even though she has lived some of the biggest sporting moments. Her personal life is a source of inspiration for millions and professional career embodies trust and faith shown in one’s ability. Either you admire her for the human she is or you envy her professional records as a player.  Ether way you cant help but admiring her”. 

bachchan mary kom boxing Mary Kom : The Champion Boxer

sushmita sen mary kom boxing Mary Kom : The Champion Boxer

Its Not All About Cricket

Mary Kom rose to super stardom soon after winning a bronze medal at the 2012 Olympics. The Indian central government and various state governments honored her with  accolades and cash prizes. She was on the front page and covers of every leading newspaper and magazine. Her charm and grace won the hearts of people and her true spirit of sportsmanship was admired by millions. Being the first Indian woman to achieve this feat  she magnified the  media’s focus not only on her but also  on all Indian sports people. This point is particular in reference to athletes who are outside of the great Indian Cricket tamasha!  As a nation we need to ease of just a little from this overriding obsession with cricket  and allow other sports to  develop find their place in the sun. And I believe Mary Kom has created momentum in that direction. 

mary kom raghvendra rathore ians Mary Kom : The Champion Boxer

Enter Bollywood

Bollywood one of the biggest influences of contemporary Indian culture soon identifies Mary Kom as a protagonist whose story should be told. It is a thing of joy that her story will reach a diverse audience spanning hundreds of millions thru one film and also her story did not take two decades to be told by this film fraternity. Leading Indian actor Priyanka Chopra is all set to play Mary Kom. Mary has an intrinsic style and grace coupled with a brilliant personality that makes for a great character to portray by a seasoned actor


mary kom priyanka chopra hot sunglasses Mary Kom : The Champion Boxer

mary kom priyanka chopra boxing Mary Kom : The Champion Boxer

Social Activist  

Mary initiated something  as unique as the first women-only boxing and defensive camp in Manipur.  “I want to develop a training program for the safety of women across India. It is the first thing I would like to do”, she said. It was also the answer to combat widespread violence against women in the country. She want’s to make women feel safe & strong, both mentally and physically.

mary kom prep boxing match Mary Kom : The Champion Boxer


 Mary Kom Fighter, Winner, Woman, Indian and our Hero!


By: Rajan Dhir & Richa Kaura 


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