Shaina NC’s recent statement: being confused about Mayawati being a he or a she is utterly misogynist and offensive. Why is there not a murmur in the media?

Shaina NC Behaves Like A Misogynist and Not A Murmur in the Media?shaina nc mayawati MAYAWATI   HE OR SHE?

  1. The always well turned out, well spoken, albeit habitually smug Shaina NC is something of a mainstay on TV news debates these days. Though she is usually found minding her P & Qs, Shaina Nana Chudasama (for that is the secret behind the NC contraction that makes her sound oh-so-cool), she has managed to put her foot firmly in her mouth recently with her tasteless, bigoted and offensive remark about Mayawati.
  2. Shaina NC, BJP spokesperson recently took a swipe at Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) chief saying she is confused whether Mayawati is a she or a he. The statement was made at the Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO) event at Jaipur. There have been a few murmurs of protest from social activists who have condemned the remark as ‘anti women and shameful’, but the statement has received nowhere near the amount of censure that it deserves.
  3. Where are all who habitually examine remarks made anywhere, and choose to take offence at pretty much everything? Where for instance is the voluble Mr. Arnab Goswami who makes it his business to question everyone about everything that is not his business? He makes it his business, nay his sacred duty to rap everyone about everything under the sun, so why did he not find it necessary to question Shaina’s statement?
  4. Consider for a moment the many reasons why Shaina NC’s remark is so offensive – firstly of course there is the implicit assumption in the statement that if a woman is tough and powerful, she is deemed to have sacrificed her femininity in doing so.
  5. shaina nc3 MAYAWATI   HE OR SHE?Secondly Shaina’s statement assumes that a woman who believes in plain speaking and plain dressing is also that much less womanly. And God forbid if a woman isn’t punctilious about her personal wardrobe – in Shaina NC’s world this is probably tantamount to sacrilege!
  6. Shaina, a former fashion designer and world record holder for the fastest ever saree drape probably has rather different priorities in life – looking good and being always well dressed clearly features fairly high on that list of priorities.
  7. shaina nc1 MAYAWATI   HE OR SHE?Her Facebook page is a testament to her priorities in life. Her FB DP is a perfectly made up, perfectly coordinated image of herself and her cover picture is a collage of herself with top Bollywood and political personalities.
  8. If she wants to be defined by how good she looks and whom she is seen with, good for her! But she needn’t judge others based on her own priorities in life. Calling into question a woman’s gender merely on the basis of the way she looks or chooses to dress – well that is just plain nasty! Mr. Goswami, are you listening?

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