None of the mainstream politicians can adore Modi and his chair. Mayawati is one of them, hellbent to tarnish his image and blemish his widespread repute.

BSP Supremo Mayawati held PM Modi’s foreign policy responsible for Pathankot Attack. This one leader along with other leaders like Rahul Gandhi, Sonia Gandhi, Mamata Banerjee, Jayalalitha, Nitish Kumar, Laloo Prasad are all Dreaming to become Prime Minister of India and so drawing parallel between PM Narendra Modi and themselves. In fact, seriously,they all think, and thus criticize PM Modi. They have better merits and caliber than PM Modi to hold the highest office of PM, though, in reality, none has proved their political caliber, administrative capability, political statesmanship or economic vision in their own states when all of them ruled their own states for long.mayawati Mayawati Calling Shots On Modi´s Foreign Policy?The proof is in eating the pudding. Their own states are backward and not developed as much and as far as any developed country. Take Singapore, Hong Kong, Dubai, or Even city like Shanghai. London, Tokyo. So what have been they doing so far?When she was in power, her policies for the state could not develop Uttar Pradesh,a State which is most backward, and witnessing crimes everyday. And today, she is talking about a man who has shown what development means, how progress in his state is achieved when he was Chief Minister of Gujarat. This is a reality, whether one likes to or not. If somebody wants to play cheap politics, then yes. why Gujarat, even China, Japan are most backward countries. All arguments can seize there.

uttar pradesh politics1 Mayawati Calling Shots On Modi´s Foreign Policy?
What has she done in UP for her people that Upietes are leaving the state in search for jobs in other states? Why is mass migration taking place from UP, Bihar to other developed cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Ahmedabad, Bengaluru ??

She shamelessly built her own Statues by spending crores and crores for people to worship her ?? In state which is so poor and backward? Does she think of herself a Goddess ? There is no 24×7 water, no 24 x 7 power, no good roads, no hospitals, no schools and she built her own Park with her own statues?? What was her priority? Was she committed to progress and development or her own image building ? Or creating her vote banks?

mayawati statue Mayawati Calling Shots On Modi´s Foreign Policy?

And today she is giving lectures on foreign policy? As if her own governing policies when she was elected Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh were so great that she developed UP into Japan.

The capital of UP, Lucknow, she could not make even it like Mumbai ? Just like the CPI-M after ruling West Bengal for 34 years, could not make Calcutta a well developed metropolitan place like Shanghai, London,or even anywhere close to Mumbai and you see Brinda Karat, Sitaram Yechuri, A Raja giving lectures to PM Modi with their outdated communist vision which in no parts of this world is followed today and thrown out of the window even by Chinese and Russians.

Who are these leaders trying to fool? They are living and earning their Bread and butter on their Vote Bank politics and enjoying powers for self serving goals. What has Mayawati done even for Dalits, Backward class, in her own state Uttar Pradesh ?? 

Nothing. Zero. If these phony leaders quit politics, India would do better.

Don’t get me wrong.This applies to even old leaders in BJP as well. As regards to outdated old, nearing expiry leaders of congress and BJP. The sooner they get out of active politics, it would increase the chances of India becoming more progressive, and well developed country.

Their greed for power is keeping them glued to politics.

It is disgusting to see these failed leaders trying their luck when they are shown the exit door by people many times over.
Narendra Modi1 Mayawati Calling Shots On Modi´s Foreign Policy?
Ms Mayawati, with all due respect,please give us a break. Your political track record is not so great to give advice on foreign affairs.
That´s a political reality.

By Ajay Angre

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