There’s a loophole in the thought process of women that object them as mere objects to men. Dear women, stop worshiping men and walk head-to-head with them.

The origin of molestation of women comes from the mindset ingrained in Indians — that women are the property of men — to ONLY OBEY and be used as felt at that particular moment.

rape The MCP Indian Male

SAD but it is most often that MOTHERS – and senior women in the family drill it in to the heads of the girl child that she is ” PARAYA DHAN ”

men molest women The MCP Indian Male


And of course the most famous of all INDIAN sayings is the IDIOTIC ” PATI PARMESHWAR ” this bullshit is so deeply embedded that I do not know how it can be erased !!!!

pati parmeshwar The MCP Indian Male

By Fergus Misquitta

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