Whether it is the department of Railways or HRD, BJP is going through lots of wrath and criticism. Is the BJP led NDA government doing what it promised? Let’s measure their performance

‘Airplane’ was an American satirical comedy film of 1980’s. Ironically, the hilarious and stupid moments of the film  have some uncanny parallels to recent performance of NDA in several departments.  It provides some tickling moments of laughter in this prickly heat. Here is an interesting dialogue of the film: “There’s no reason to become alarmed, and we hope you’ll enjoy the rest of your flight. By the way, is there anyone on board who knows how to fly a plane?”

Narendra Modi at the BJP Public Meeting Measuring The Performance of NDA In Several Departments!

I sincerely believe that Prime Minister Narendra Modi is trying his best to breathe a new life into the country’s moribund economy. In his Herculean efforts to resuscitate the Indian economy he has to take some hard decisions. He had enlightened the nation while addressing the BJP workers at Goa:
I have taken over the reins of the country at a time when there is nothing left behind by the previous Government. They left everything empty. The country’s financial health has hit rock bottom and that needs immediate attention.”

As the suffering nation want the dream of ‘Achche Din to fulfill ASAP, his government has begun to provide some contours and outlines of the direction and shape of things to come. A galore of acts is being put together within the short span of 30 days and that is amazing. It is difficult to describe all and we have to go for the pick of the bunch.

Education is the most important pillar to build the future of the country. Modi Ji has given the charge of this most important portfolio to Smirti Ji. We would love and trust the choice and judgment of Modi Ji.


Unfortunately, she seems to be caught in some academic rigmarole. Let us start with FYUP (Four Year Undergraduate Program) of Delhi University. If I go by the story narrated by RSS Corporate at the hindsight of UPA II departure, it is grimy, sweaty and brutal, often spectral in its haunting quality. It is a big mess left behind by the previous government. So, the best way to solve a problem is to do nothing about the problem. Problems have the tendency to solve by themselves. We just have to watch. From 3 to 4 is the distance of flight between UGC and Delhi University. Let them resolve it among themselves.

The ebullient HRD minister is claiming to outsource the decision to UGC. No one seems to worry about the issue of ‘destruction of institutional autonomy.’ Meanwhile the full- time NaMo supporter Madhu Kishwar is calling Smirti Irani an ‘Agent of Left.’ What nobody wants to talk – What was behind the idea of 4 years? It was once hailed as ‘Flagship Program.’ Lurking behind this mess is a seemingly corporate agenda that could facilitate the entry of Private Sector in higher education!

Coming to other measures like hike in railway fares across the board. It is one of the strongest measures suggested by the new government. “We understand that it is a bit harsh to hike the fares, but in future it will only benefit the people and this is something that we cannot play politics with.” – Railway Minister D Sadananda Gowda.

An excuse for the hike is the intentions of the previous government which had made up the mind to raise the fares. This cuts no ice. It is a thoughtless and hasty decision. Railways should be treated like defense. It is not commercial. It is an important social sector project. The rightist economic thinking of the government cannot ignore this reality altogether. A section of the traveling public needs to be subsidised and a way has to be found to serve this specific target. It has to be treated on a par with defense and its extra needs met completely from the General Budget.

Railway hike nda bjp Measuring The Performance of NDA In Several Departments!

One wonders whether Mr. Modi’s tall promises of clamping down on inflation should have anything to do with the railway fare hike. This will only fuel inflation which has already wreaked havoc on the common man.

Apart from the commercial consideration of railways, the plot is getting thicker as elections in Maharashtra are barely few months away. There is a climb-down under pressure from Shiva Sena and looming defeat if the hike in fare is not tamed.

Government has withdrawn its order raising MST (Monthly Season Ticket) fare by over 75 % for Mumbai suburban travelers to a modest 14.2 %.

We are to back to square one. We are being foisted with the same old Congress tricks – the old wine in the new bottle. Hike and then withdraw. It is a flight of an arrow that got bent in air turbulence before it could hit the target! It is medicine that spilled over before it reaches the ailing patient! Where are we heading for?

I’m not including in this morning’s unfortunate story the tragedy of Two Trains in Chapra, Bihar that tells a lot about the efficiency and performance of the new outfit.

By: Naim Naqvi

Image Source: Railway Hike, IANS

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