Media expertise in highlighting the bad news and cornering good news in the not-so-noticeable sections of newspapers.

Given the kind of news one is forced to encounter early in the morning sort of turns one off. Is the beginning of the new year going to be a repeat of what we have been witnessing whole of 2015?

There are earthquakes in several parts of the country taking a heavy of lives and damage to property, the terror attack at Pathankot airbase almost made Modi’s birthday diplomacy look ‘stupid’ to use the least offensive term, while passengers traveling by Lucknow Shatabdi did not know why they had boarded that train that day when it was stopped at Ghaziabad and they were asked to evacuate the train because of a hoax bomb threat.

So much hostility and violence does sap one’s positive beliefs that one is trying to cling on to by sending Happy New Year greetings to friends and strangers alike, hoping that this would be a better year.

liver transplant We Need A Few Rainbows

But amidst all these unpleasant happenings there was also another news in the inside pages, which was thankfully also a repeat of last year.On such an unpleasant day there was the news of a liver being  transplanted to a 48-year old patient at the institute of Liver and Biliary Sciences, who had been suffering from liver cirrhosis for an year.

The best part of the story is that this was possible because of a call from Choitram’s Hospital in Indore which informed the ILB that they had a donor in a woman who had died in an accident on January 1.

green corridor We Need A Few Rainbows

The organ was rushed to the ILB from the Indira Gandhi International Airport by using what what is known as the Green Corridor by the traffic police. The organ reached the patient within 11 minutes from the Indira Gandhi International Airport to the hospital.This is one story that needs to be publicised as much as possible just to show  where there is a will there is a way.

In this case the additional highlight of the India story was that the recipient was a person from the EWS. This has been marked as the first such operation through a green corridor this year. Hopefully many more will follow as the year goes on.

The practice of green corridor was introduced in this country last year when several such operations were conducted in Delhi but such news need to be put on the front page every time this happens because in this mist of desperation, bigotry and negativity one needs a rainbow.

The more such rainbow the better for mankind!

By Amitabh Srivastava

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