Did Women Participate in Battles and Wars in Medieval India? OR were they constantly subjected to crimes and sexual assault?

These days all historical TV serial emphasize on women empowerment showing them taking the sword, as well as talwar and participating in war alongside the male warrior. These TV serial seem to be forgetting the basic history of the Indian subcontinent.

For instance, we saw Jodha warring in Jodha Akbar serial, going extra miles to save Akbar the great from all sorts of troubles. Besides, the serial Maharana Pratap too witnessed such instances in spite of the fact that nothing of this sort really happened in the real India. In fact, medieval India was not women’s era at all, it was the darkest age in the Indian chronicles.

jodha akbar begums Medieval India: Did Women Participate in Battles and Wars?


Medieval India – The Darkest Period for Women in India

In the medieval period when the Muslim invaders conquered the land of Hindostan, the stature of women was nothing less than objects. They became the sole properties of their brother, father and husband in the eyes of these invaders. This is the reason why the son of the soils too started imposing restriction on the women of the society so as to protect them for these barbarous men.

women power jodha akbar Medieval India: Did Women Participate in Battles and Wars?

These men picked up any woman and kept on increasing their harem to have fun. This is exactly when the purdah system came in existence. No wonder, this system was the reason why women’s freedom was affected in India. These issues related with women further resulted in change in mindset of the people in general.

A girl was no more a god’s blessing but a burden and a misery as the parents of the girl had to take extra care. They had to shield her from the eyes of the intruder. On the contrary, boy brought no tension but helped in increasing the household income. This is where the gender discrimination started in India where women were at the receiving end. Needless to say, all these things gave birth to several evils such as child marriage, Jauhar, Sati and devadasis.

Women Were Subjected to Crimes and Assault

During the medieval period, women were subjected to crimes. They were assaulted so much that they became the victims of society. No, they did not become Durga and fought with their assaulters and attackers like shown in the TV serials. Instead, they took it as their fate. This is the reason most of the women either burnt themselves or committed suicide.

Sati ceremony Medieval India: Did Women Participate in Battles and Wars?

Almost all the women in a different part of India were subjected to some or the other crimes in MEDIEVAL India. They were not treated as equal and this was the prime reason of their sufferings. It only worsened further, but things gradually came in control during the modern times when reformers challenged the restriction on women.

None of the daughters of kings fought any battle or wars in India. This is only the contemporary TV serial writer’s attempt to promote women empowerment.

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