Mehr Tarar stands by Shahi Tharoor through Thick and Thin

A lot can be gleaned from Mehr Tarar‘s interviews. Prime time channels like NDTV, Times Now, will never state the obvious – leaving it to the viewer to decide. But IndiaOpines is a blog – we do not need to be moderate and oblique !

Here are the clear facts that can easily be gleaned from her interview.

a) Mehr Tarar never denies an affair with Tharoor. Says a “personal thing” was dragged onto twitter. And it would seem as per the latest eyewitness reports that Tharoor and Tarar did spend time together in Dubai 

b) Vain for sure – “Look at me , Do I look like an ISI agent ?

c) Wants a future with Tharoor – Send him condolence messages after his wife’s death (keeping in touch – letting him know she cares)

d) Absolving him of his crime and being vocal about it (closeness)  – If she has nothing to do with him – she could have just made a simple statement that she is in no way involved . Instead she is “painting the town red”, going around giving detailed interviews to NDTV and other channels – if she has nothing to do with Tharoor – why back him so much. Why point out the Indian authorities are wrong about the poisoning – how would she know anyways ?

e) She even offers to talk with the Delhi police – why this extra step of co-operation if she is not involved at all and has nothing to do with Tharoor? 

Worst Case Scenario 

Can be be any credence to her being linked to the ISI ? Yes a strong case can be made – after all an unknown journalist (at that time in India) manages to get an interview with Omar Abdullah (Mehr Tarar is no Barkha Dutt – getting interviews with Omar must not have been easy) and then “meetings” with Shashi Tharoor.  

Omar Abdullah was at that time the Jammu & Kashmir Chief Minister and an important target for the ISI (to control) – and single (he is divorced). Shashi Tharoor played a strong role for India in the UN and the MEA – both would have been interesting assets to “honey trap”.

And lastly, if the Sunanda death is indeed a murder by Polonium 210, does this not automatically point a finger to ISI.  Is that not a clinching proof, as Polonium 210 (or the amount needed to be used as a poison) is really beyond the reach of any IPL scamsters or the Dubai hawala/betting mafia . Polonium 210 can only be obtained by an agency at a nuclear state (such as Pakistan). Now this would make the whole episode very murky.

What had Sunanda stumbled upon ? ISI links to other Indian politicians ? ISI’s activities in Dubai ? – a thorough investigation is required.

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