Narendra Modi’s embarrassing defeat in Bihar , this Diwali, has not just polluted the air with smoke but laughter.

The eloquent and clarion speeches Modi orated all across the Bihar was just a waste of his calories. For, it couldn’t fetch him votes enough to outplay the ‘Mahagathbandhan’. Bihar, at last, preferred to stay away from Modi’s acche din and kicked him out. The DNA of Bihar couldn’t interlock with NDA but JDU again.

Disheartened may be BJP now, but the air around is saturated with mirth. Come, let’s laugh our belly out on these penta-memes on Modi’s shameless defeat.

1. Typical of Zee News, for it also finds ‘a cat’s death in ‘gully’ worthy of  broadcast. How can it be not typical this time when the news is as grave as Modi’s defeat.

modi bomb Memes Modis Defeat In Bihar Has Sparked Off


2. Paresh Rawal‘s persona holds in a humorously refreshing scent which can never fail to ignite a tinge of pleasant pain around our jaws. His reaction on Modi’s defeat had to be this.

paresh rawal Memes Modis Defeat In Bihar Has Sparked Off


3. Rahul and his association with cartoon has nothing worthy to see him as VP of Congress, but a lot to laugh our head off. He opens up his mouth only to make people reveal their teeth.




rahul gandhi Memes Modis Defeat In Bihar Has Sparked Off


4. Oh, the Dabaang girl couldn’t refrain herself from her Dabanngi andaz and spoke up to boast of her Khamosh-syndrome-affected dad, Satrugan.

sonakshi sinha Memes Modis Defeat In Bihar Has Sparked Off


5. Mute on remote should be replaced by TK (Tushar Kapoor). Right? LOL! But, I’m sure his zippered lips had earned his movie ‘Golmaal’ a rating of ‘hit’ but Modi’s non-stop speeches just came to nought.

tushar kapoor Memes Modis Defeat In Bihar Has Sparked Off


By Prerna Daga

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