Women have been long accused of doing this brilliantly – but men are not far behind. Men faking orgasms decoded – read more to find out.

As per Ask Men’s 2010 survey an astonishing 34% men accepted that they faked orgasm. Yes, it is not just the women in relationships, but men too who bluff towards the finishing line. The reason? Well, let’s try to know what is that keep the Mars inhabitants away from the things that they are expert at:

ranveer singh orgasm durex ad.jpg Do Men Fake Orgasms?

Most of us believe that orgasm is a straightforward process in men. They acquire erection, give a little friction and the work is done, correct? As quick as 1,2 and 3. Well, you might be surprised to know a great number of men are suffering from Delayed Ejaculation (DE).

Why Men Fake Orgasm?

If you thought why men fake orgasm, the reason for it is same as the women. Oh yes, they try to be nice to them – They do not want to hurt their partner’s feelings, and revealing it can only make their partner apprehensive as it is widely known that orgasm is very easy in men. In addition, men do not want to show or believe to have any kind of sexual dysfunction in them, ultimately leading them to fake or hide it under the carpets. Yes, faking for their pride and honour!

men not my fault Do Men Fake Orgasms?

So, Why is that some Men find it difficult to Orgasm?

Well, there is no such actual reason of this disorder but a combination of factors  contributes this mishap.

Anxiety or stress, use of antidepressants, the proliferation of pornography, too much masturbation and consumption of alcohol are some of the major factors that can lead delayed ejaculation in men.

men tired faking orgasm Do Men Fake Orgasms?

Now you would be fervent to identify how to analyze whether your better half is shaming it or not?

Well, there is an apparent method to know if your husband or boyfriend has faked it. For instance, if a man feels that he has an issue of delayed ejaculation, he will set himself by wearing a condom. If you generally don’t use condoms while having sex, his unexpected need to wear one, may raise some doubt.

Also, remember unlike women, men orgasm for once and then he becomes drowsy. So, if you are on a sex marathon, he won’t be able to orgasm for three, four, five or six times. But in order to keep you on the go without hurting you, he is more likely to fake it.

men faking orgasm Do Men Fake Orgasms?

Like women, men too can ham it up. Too much thrashing and moaning around may well specify that he is acting and is not in his natural flow. If truth be told, any actions that it is new or out of the ordinary may hint that he haven’t climaxed at all. For instance, if he habitually passes out after orgasm, but, all of a sudden wants to snuggle, it may give you the signal.

men faking sex Do Men Fake Orgasms?

Alternatively, if he continues to caress and kiss you after he has climaxed and now distances himself from you, it could be a sign of the problem.

If you think your partner has been faking it for a long time and on a regular basis, time to bash him up, I mean talk to him. However, make sure you don’t act as a whining lady or an emotional drama queen while your partner is using the womanly tactics of Sally from the block buster movie When Harry Meets Sally where she brings the whole cafe to a standstill…

Fake orgasm Do Men Fake Orgasms?

By: Deepti Verma


Image Source: MemeFaking MenMemeGN