Indian Women’s Cricket team beats England in a test match at their home ground. Will now BCCI  take care of these women? Or still concentrate on spoon feeding the men in blue & ignore the women power yet again!

Women Indian Cricket Team – Take a Bow! What surprises me is that 7 women out of 11 were debutants in this historical test match! Girls, You really make us proud by your landmark victory against England in England yet another time after 8 years, while our Men still seems to be struggling on that foreign land.

women in blue men in blue england While Men in Blue Struggles, Women in Blue Shines in England!

There isn’t anything that BCCI has done for you’ll. Worst, it was even reluctant to merge with the women’s cricket board after the ICC directive 9 years ago. Yet, every time you play you make us proud, even if you tumble in the very step. 

We know the richie -rich BCCI always neglects you, neither the pay structure is good nor there is any kind of proper facilities when it comes to Women Cricket in India. Moreover, there is not even enough tours arranged for you’ll to play. On the other hand, the Indian Men’s Team have it all – Money, Name, Fame, Endorsement, Best Facilities – Name it and they have it! Yet, they in regular intervals disappoint us! 

But, even when you are getting half of what they are enjoying, you are pretty good and awesome – Reminds me of the typical orthodox family in India shown in Hindi movies where a orthodox parents give all the facilities and amenities to their son and neglects their daughter. However, at the end the same son ditches them badly but the girl makes them proud!

indian women cricket team While Men in Blue Struggles, Women in Blue Shines in England!

Let’s Talk About Your Achievements – 

It was in the year 1997 that you as a team for the very first time entered Semi Finals in the World Cup and you continued the trend, right till 2009. Same goes for the T20 World Cup where you were in the final 4 both in the year 2009 and then 2010. But instead of progressing even after the merge you as a team started stumbling badly.

On the contrary your contemporary from other countries especially, West Indies and Sri Lanka started scaling up the ladder of progress. Their Board wasn’t as rich as yours yet they played more, progressed more and scaled up, beating you mercilessly. You on the other hand, despite having the potential have always been labelled as “not earners” by your own country men. Yes, I know you have won the Asian Cup all the time, making us proud with the glittering gold medals. But then, you were still shown the red signal for the 5th round.

women cricket team of india While Men in Blue Struggles, Women in Blue Shines in England!

Yesterday (15th August) was the last date for the Incheon Asian Games organized by OCA (Olympic Council of Asia) and till the last moment they were not keen to let you go and play. Perhaps you are not going there to play, though you deserve it.

After beating the English team at their own home ground, we all know you have the potential to beat and great hunger for more wins. However, without proper infrastructure, facilities, amenities and pay structure your future still seems bleak.That reminds me of a brilliant guy who couldn’t get an admission in the Medical College or was it an IIM!

And in spite of knowing it all, I’m still wondering why there is not any IPL for Women Cricket!

I hope the BCCI spokesman doesn’t yell at me saying, “Who the hell will come and see these women playing the game?” Well I’m no expert when it comes to Cricket and all the politics surrounding it. But I’m so ashamed of the BCCI who can think nothing but money all the time. Everytime someone utters “Women Cricket Team” and they are quick to reply – “Arrey, they are no revenue earners!” Aha, I thought Cricket was a game in INDIA. Anyways!

england tour While Men in Blue Struggles, Women in Blue Shines in England!

Even then, I sincerely feel if promoted well, Women Cricket Team of India will make India proud all the time. And if we can make a lame movie cross Rs. 200 crore mark in just a week’s time, I’m sure Indian crowd will watch Women playing IPL with equal enthusiasm, proving BCCI wrong! If Men in Blue can shine, Women in Blue are no less!

Stats and Images from ESPNCRICINFO

– Deepti Verma

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