It’s your fault , be careful – otherwise you will get raped !

Rape crisis is eating away our country.  But what’s worse than rape is the attitude of Indian men towards it. Right from a daily labour to a guy who has a fancy PhD, from a school going boy to a great grand- father, every man is of the opinion that there’s definitely something to blame on the women’s side if she’s raped.  Just like there’s is no discrimination about which class of women get raped-  little girls, young women, mothers, old women, educated women, uneducated women, working women, home makers all alike are being subjected to abuse, in the same way there’s no discrimination about men’s attitude towards women. No matter how hard we try to be safe still the finger points out at us in case of such incident stating simply “She should’ve been more careful!” Now define careful? I carry around pepper spray in my bag, does that guarantee that I won’t get raped. I just hope that day never comes when I have to use the spray. Even if it comes I’m not sure if it’s going to save me.

512px Delhi protests India Raped says one young womans sign  Men of India...Wake Up!

December 22, students protest the rising violence against women, Raisina Hill/ Rajpath; the morning saw as many women as men come out for this spontaneous march.

These days we heard many controversial statements from famous figures which caused quite a stir in the society and looking into the perspective of common men, they are not much different either. Men immediately start giving out their wise advice, here are some such gems: Don’t go out late – Stay at home; don’t go out even if there’s an emergency and imminent death on your hands. Because men out there are waiting for an excuse to rape you and if you go out late (as per their clock) you might become a victim. If you ask me, the best solution to this problem is ban men from going out after 8PM.

Wear proper clothes – May be men are too busy giving out advice to rape victims, they are not bothered about the finer details of those rape cases. Those rape victims are wearing sarees, salwars, even burkhas at the time of the incident. And haven’t you heard about little girls getting raped? It’s not because of their clothes right? So open your eyes, it’s not because what she wears, it’s just because she’s a woman.

We don’t want your advice. Reserve your wise judgement and analyses for cricket and politics discussions. We just want the moral support we deserve from the society. The judicial and political systems have already failed in handling the rape epidemic. Feeble and futile laws are not solving the issue. Change should come at a very basic level . If someone gets bitten by a mad dog will you blame the victim? Same way stop blaming the rape victim, instead start throwing stones at the dog. Only when men of our country start being sensitive about the issue, we won’t really see any change. A quote is now going viral on internet “India’s daughters are safe neither inside the womb nor outside”, please don’t make this true.

One more request to those genius NRIs who are feeling ashamed in front of their foreign friends because of the posts about these issues posted by your friends who are residing in India – You are not here…you don’t know the magnitude of the problem. If you are so ashamed of these issues in your mother land, stop calling yourself an Indian and don’t set foot again here. We already have enough idiots here we don’t need anymore.

By Raghuma Mandali

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Image Source: By Nilroy (Nilanjana Roy) (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

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