‘Meri Marzi’ generation is about those young ones who have clouded their life with self-needs oblivious of the loved ones’. Their own will is their concern.

The effects of globalization have really started percolating down to the grass-root level in this country. But at least I am not sure whether to celebrate this or beat my head.

I am talking here specifically of the modernist trend of the new generation to do what they want without bothering about its consequences or repercussions on others specially if it involves the family or blood relations.

This generation to which I belong feels in its own wisdom especially if it has achieved success without much struggle that individuals make society and not the other way around. Can’t beat that logic, can you? There was a time when this was considered a revolutionary idea.

The seed of this school of thinking was sown by Lord Krishna in the Bhagvad Gita when he told his disciple Arjuna, reluctant to pick up arms against the enemy comprising of uncles, cousins and other relatives ranged on the other side.

TEEN FIGHTING PARENTS The ‘Meri marzi’ generation

Lord Krishna who has a universal following all across the globe because of what he preached in the Gita told Arjuna very succinctly and categorically that he should perform his duty for which he was born without considering who he was opposing . He went on to tell him, “Consider them all dead. They are not living beings. They were dead long time back. In any case what you are going to do is not of your free will. You were destined to do this.” Correct me if my understanding of the Gita is wrong even though my translation may not be literally correct.

Whether in personal relationships or friendships they feel they need their space. For instance a major irritant for this generation is the mobile which becomes impossible to avoid unlike the land line phone. People like me are so fed up of the constant ringing of the mobile all the time that I wish I could go to a place where phones don’t exist. I feel that that like every other equipment invented by mankind the mobile was meant to help me not become my master. I will decide when I need the phone and not the other way.

social media generation The ‘Meri marzi’ generation


So can you blame my generation for believing in the formula of Meri Marzi? There is history and culture to back them. Parents and grandparents, if they are alive, should stop berating their younger ones for behaving like this. After all as Krishna would have said, “It was all destined to be like this.”

But seriously, I am not an RSS supporter taking you back to the ancient ages. But coming from this generation myself I feel that most of the time that the new generation is being not only selfish but ungrateful.

Those who have become achievers early get so busy in their lives that they find little time for indulging in activities that they don’t find productive or to their taste. These could include family get togethers, marriages and related activities (too time consuming), engagements, birthdays or mundans etc.

But they are not consistent. If they get a brain-wave or read about a not so common resort even if it as far away as Timbuktu they would not think twice about rushing to see it. Neither money nor time can stop them from realizing their fantasy.

I call this generation the test-tube baby generation because they think they are not accountable or answerable to anyone for what they have become.

ignorant generation The ‘Meri marzi’ generation

It is very sad listening to elderly people talking about sacrificing their life’s comforts to bring up their children. Because what most of them hear in return is “So what, you have only done your duty. Every parent does this.”

It hurts a lot and when it boomerangs, it hurts all the more.

By Deepshikha Singh

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