Nobody till date has come to give us back a single acre, leave alone the thousands of acres we lost. Dear Kashmiris, You have to fight for what is yours.

This message is to all my Kashmiri friends fighting for their independence. The Partition agreement had no clauses that permitted the Dominion of India to deviate from the mother agreement. The Monarchy of the region either had to accede to India or Pakistan without any conditions attached as per this Agreement. Both Pakistan and India were not given powers of dangling carrots in front of any state to help it decide where it wanted to go for a reason. Consequently, plebiscite promised to Kashmir did not have legal sanction. Like India annexed Hyderabad by using the army, it annexed Kashmir by using both the army and a bit of guile. Sooner the Kashmiris realize this, better for all of us. You are Indian. Period. Like it or pack your bags and go across the border but don’t sit in India and try and divide our country. That won’t happen. The only people who will suffer is you.

kashmiri fighters1 Message To Kashmiri Friends Fighting For Independence

My family has lost thousands of acres in Bhopal and Hyderabad because of the Government rescinding on Constitutional promises made to us. Be it the abolishment of the privy purse or the disappearance of our Paigah lands in Hyderabad, at the hands of the Court of Wards, having lost everything because of the politicians, do we sit back at home and cry like the Kashmiri? No. We go out into the world and work hard to make a decent living. We forgive and move on and love our country more than ever and become proud citizens of India. That’s what we do and that’s what the Kashmiris should do. Accept that you are Indian.

Get rid of this stupid notion that you will get independence like the Hyderabadi, you certainly will not be allowed such liberty. Such an option never existed for you. You were mislaid and misinformed by people, for reasons I do not know. Till date I am unable to find the motive why your wound is being allowed to fester. Why doesn’t India just throw the Partition Agreement on your face and tell you that you have been annexed. Lets end this fiasco in Kashmir now.

peace in j n K Message To Kashmiri Friends Fighting For Independence

And as far as those people who say they have been thrown out of Kashmir, stop crying, get on the next flight to Kashmir, all 50,000 of you and arrive at the Governors house in Srinagar. I am sure he will find a solution. Just stop running away and hoping that someone will come and give you your lands back. Nobody till date has come to give us back a single acre, leave alone the thousands of acres we lost. You have to fight for what is yours. Jai Hind.

By Saad Bin Jung

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