Since last 15 years, America has seen a significant surge in the death of middle aged Americans. But, why?

Most Americans are living longer and longer.
Some Americans are dying faster and faster.
Americans are Dying and Suffering Unnecessarily Why Middle Aged White Americans Are Dying Faster?
This is a puzzle wrapped in a riddle inside an enigma.
Serious US papers are full of this for last couple of weeks.
Nobel winner for Economics,2015,Angus Deaton brought this out first.
He has proved that the death rate for white Americans of middle age (45-55) has been increasing by 0.5% every single year from 1999. 
Same period has seen death rates fall every single year for most of the world,including all Americans and also,surprisingly,for non-white Americans in same 45-55 age group.
american coffin Why Middle Aged White Americans Are Dying Faster?
Why is this happening? The data shows white Americans are increasingly killing themselves directly or indirectly. Suicide rates are up for this group,and deaths from drugs and from alcohol damaged livers are up as well. Angus Deaton has suggested that middle aged whites have “lost the narrative of their lives”,whatever that may mean. Thoughtful writer/columnist Paul Krugman has put this down in NYT to “existential despair”!

man experiencing some problems with alcohol  conceptual shot Why Middle Aged White Americans Are Dying Faster?

Existential despair is an interesting thought. It could be due to an uncertain future,it could also be due to acute discontentment over the present. Could it perhaps also be due to guilt over the past sins of their forefathers? True,Americans seldom feel guilty over much as they are busy with their hustling ways of life.Yet,listen to their distinguished cultural historian Morris Berman tersely summarizing the past 300 years of American history…..
..:”you wipe out almost the entire indigenous population of North America (about 7 million); you steal half of Mexico (and call it California); you literally vaporize a large chunk of the Japanese population (Hiroshima,Nagasaki); you bomb Vietnam back to the “Stone Age“….and so on ( only thing omitted here is..the slavery practised officially for 200 years).
Are the sins of the fathers visited upon the sons,who are now consumed by a death wish too powerful to resist? Only time can tell.
By Ramaswamy Narayanan
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