Salim Khan’s tweet on Milkha Singh and sportsperson in a general is a slap for all of us for treating the Bollywood actors like a God and giving them more attention than they deserve

Recently, Salman Khan, the Bollywood star unknowingly managed to put off a pack of Indian sports persons, when he was appointed as the goodwill ambassador for Indian contingent at Rio Olympics 2016.

Almost all the Sportspersons like the legendary Milkha Singh, Dhanraj Pillai and Yogeshwar Dutt, Mikha Singh and Dhanraj Pillay slammed the verdict clearly stating that the honour should have been given to any Indian sports personality than a Bollywood actor. Now, don’t you think whatever they said is valid? Unless of course if you are Bhai ka zabardast fan!

salman khan olympic ambassador Milkha Singh Vs Salim Khan: Bollywood Actors Need to Stop Thinking In High Regards About Themselves!

Indian Contingent for Rio Olympics 2016 Deepika Kumari, left, Sardar Singh, second left, Manika Batra, right, Ritu Rani, second right and Indian boxer Mary Kom, third from right, pose with Bollywood actor Salman Khan, centre, at an event to announce Khan as the goodwill ambassador for Rio Olympics 2016 in New Delhi, India, Saturday, April 23, 2016. (AP Photo/Altaf Qadri)

But Salman Khan’s father Salim Khan came to his son’s rescue by a series of tweet by initially targeting Milkha Singh

And then trying to defend his son by calling him a sports person –

The Shocker came when he tweeted that sportsmen ‘perform’ because of sports lovers. Yes, to hell with their passion, hard work, and training?

This is What Milkha Singh Had to Say About Salim Khan’s Blabberings:

“It’s okay they have made a film on me. I don’t think that the movie industry has made a favour to me by making a film on my life. If they have any function, will they put any sportsmen as their chairman or ambassador? I gave my story for Re.1 and it is not a little thing. The movie made crores.If Salman Khan’s father is saying that Milkha Singh has said anything wrong, then I don’t agree to it, because the entire nation is saying that I am right and they are with me.”

It is high time that Bollywood actors and the entire Indian Film industry should stop thinking themselves in high regards. They should understand that they are superstars only because of fools like who go and watch any damn thing and then give these so called actors much more respect than they deserve. People like Salim Khan should indeed get a reality check when he says that “Sportsperson are performing because of sports lovers like us!”

salman khan milkha singh salim khan Milkha Singh Vs Salim Khan: Bollywood Actors Need to Stop Thinking In High Regards About Themselves!

Perhaps the Sholay scriptwriter has forgotten that this is not IPL. Tomorrow, some another Bollywood maniac would come and say the same thing about Neerja like what Salim Khan said for Milkha Singh. This is indeed quite disturbing. It is indeed a right time that we the viewers, fans and audience show these so-called stars their right place.

Milkha Singh is correct when he says –

“Let him (Salim) have his views. I don’t have anything to say regarding this. I have already put in my views. All the members of the Olympic contingent are our ambassadors. It doesn’t make sense to appoint someone in this role. If an ambassador is required, we have many great sportspersons, like Sachin Tendulkar, P.T. Usha, Ajitpal Singh, Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore.”

milkha singh photo Milkha Singh Vs Salim Khan: Bollywood Actors Need to Stop Thinking In High Regards About Themselves!

We know whatever Milkha Singh is saying is absolutely correct. We hope various companies and brands too understand this fact soon. After all, you don’t need a Bollywood actor to sell your product. A Lux soap won’t sell just because it has Sridevi, Madhuri or Shah Rukh Khan in it, nor a Dove soap would ever stop selling just because the ads are without these Bollywood stars.

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