What’s really happening with the concept of Ache Din and what’s going on within the BJP today?

The Old Guards of BJP are the most confusing and desperate lot of all political creatures these days. They hate to see Narendra Modi wielding absolute power and find themselves helpless to change the course of events. They know that they are spent force and these are still the NaMo times. Time and again they appear with damp squibs to create commotion but fail.

caricature cartoon portrait narendra modi bjp wins indian elections 2014 BJPs Mirage of Ache Din

All Gone Wrong?

These are crucial times for BJP as the party is passing through the worst phase since it came to power. The senior BJP politicians like the External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj and Rajasthan Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje are facing calls to resign for their links to former IPL chief Lalit Modi, who is facing a number of investigations related to alleged financial irregularities. Smriti Irani, the HRD Minister is already neck-deep in troubled waters as the degree controversy has reached a decisive point. The Delhi High Court has admitted a plea against HRD Minister for allegedly misrepresenting her educational qualifications. There is a new Degree controversy and vibrant Chikki chakkar in Maharshtra that is a BJP state. The CM of Madhya Pradesh is finding himself in question-box with the leaks of some audio tapes with a tinge of favoritism. The son of Vasundhra Raje, Dushyant, himself a young MP, is facing charges of conflict of interest and impropriety.

LK Advani’s Thoughts

In this curious climate, the party veteran L K Advani on Saturday had expressed his view rather edict that political credibility was essential, and politicians must live up to the trust placed in them by voters. He said it in an interview. Asked about his resignation from the Lok Sabah in 1996 after he was charged by the CBI in the Hawala Case, Advani Ji said ‘I don’t have any regrets that I couldn’t contest the election for two years… The decision to quit was mine. I feel political credibility is essential. People vote for us and we have to live up to their trust. In my life, I have always listened to my conscience.’

Lal Krishna Advani BJPs Mirage of Ache Din

Advani Ji added that he had quit even though his colleague A B Vajpayee had asked him not to.

He then added that he was satisfied with whatever he had done in life and that, since the days of his association with the RSS and the erstwhile Jana Sangh, he had learnt that a corruption-free life was the BJP’s’s biggest strength. 

Asked about the controversies surrounding Swaraj and Raje, Advani ji said, “I don’t have any information about them, so I have nothing to say. I can talk about myself.” Advani ji had staged a political comeback in 1998 after the Supreme Court dismissed the CBI’s appeal in the hawala case on the grounds that there was no independent evidence to indicate that the payments allegedly involved were actually received by the “recipients”.

Advani ji is known to play the politics of principles or so we’re made to believe. He made his mark with his ‘Ram Mandir Campaign.’

Our Indian Values

We know India is the custodian of Vedic spirituality and ancient Hindu values. We have always followed certain codes of conduct in public and private life. Sagas had formulated principles of ethic and morality in ordinary life and in politics as well. We have lived and respected a certain set of moral codes that called for respect of regulation, sacrifice for a greater good, duty towards society, accountability. From these evolved values we developed traditions, customs and the political apparatus of navigation in all walks of life including politics. We created heroes, villains and traitors in this back drop and society moved forward from Religious kingdoms, Ideal kingdoms and Democratic systems.

India Map Flag1 BJPs Mirage of Ache Din

History bears witness the all of them lay waste with the passage of time. However, the moral codes had always been the cornerstone of trust between all parts of society as we moved forward and allowed society to function smoothly.

This unique crisis where the Finance Ministry and External Affairs are forked against each other; there is a CM and her son entangled in deep friendship of a tax offender. What makes it curious is the request not to disclose her name to the government of India can be construed according to approach of Offence.

 There had never been an urgent need for a new code of morality if BJP fails to take action against the errant ministers. The old values are being steadily changed. Now the business class of India, instead of the smart, able and honest politicians is running the country from behind the curtain. Instead of capital generated inside the country we are caring more about foreign investment for national prosperity.

farmers suicide india BJPs Mirage of Ache Din

The welfare of farmer is taking back seat and environmental protection is being compromised in the name of development. Rules are bent and administrators are changed to qualify the needs of industry that could exhale the billows of Carbon Mono Oxide and other poisonous gases and release the dangerous effluents in streams. Residue chemicals are pumped back into the water tables underground as the local guardians of law look the other side. The drinking water of many towns and cities is not fit for human consumption. The water of Yamuna and other rivers is putrid and like the poisoned chalice for anyone who can’t afford filtered bottled water. The concerns of ordinary mortals are marginalized as we are willing to compromise health against development.

sarasvati river dry yamuna BJPs Mirage of Ache Din

Come any party to rule and the Indians now have become inured with the choice of electoral candidates whose assets magically increase in exponential numbers once they capture power. Politicians today are viewed as a symbol of corruption, nepotism and divisive politics.

Unfortunately The Narendra Modi Show that had raised new hopes is now entering in the murky dominions where the chasm between promises and fulfillment is widening with every passing day. Little more than slogans are not expected from AAP even. Rahul Gandhi takes several abrupt sabbaticals and it is becoming to follow or trace him in time of need.

Today, Shri Lal Krishna Advani, the very same person who stood by Narendra Modi after the 2002 religious riots, finds in his administration a new phenomenon of next Emergency. He had to eat his words as his hit had worked the right place and he had no compunction to change the flute after that. Being an old geese, it is hard to pluck and but he was left with no choice but to flog to dead horse of Old Emergency and an old demand of forceful apology from Nehru-Gandhi family.

ache din modi BJPs Mirage of Ache Din

The new stories and concepts of Raj Dharma are burgeoning in the national politics and people no longer hear the old record of ‘HAMARE GUJARAT MAN.’ The Gujarat government has miserably failed to protect the Gir Lions,…… not to talk of humans in the recent flood.

From the recent Lalitgate scandals and stories of Maharshtra Chikki scam and Degree Controversy, one can conclude that moral high ground of BJP is now a story of past. ‘Achche Din’ is a mirage and government is increasingly becoming House of Crises. It is normal that in the absence of even a modicum of morality the actual governance turns redundant and dysfunctional.

By Naim Naqvi 

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