Ekta Kapoor’s production Jodha Akbar recently introduced the character of Mirza Hakim, Akbar’s half brother in the show. How accurate however is the portrayal of the historical character?

Mirza Hakim, a not so popular personality has become a part of our lives from few days, courtesy Ekta Kapoor who has given us a taste of history right at the comfort of our home through her tour de force Jodha-Akbar. Now, I really appreciate Balaji’s effort for giving us a historical treat without making us do any effort including researching in the books or browsing over the Internet. But, not everything that has been shown goes as per the known facts and so nothing much can be relied upon, not even the character sketch. Yes, coming straight to the point, Mirza Hakim was not as he has been illustrated in the show. The reality is something very different. Here we go:

jodha akbar 300x200 Mirza Hakim is Not What Jodha Akbar portrays!

The Background

Babur, the first Mughal emperor had termed Hindustanis as an unfamiliar and strange race of people and maintained his Timurid and Central Asian orientation throughout. His son, Humayan, the second emperor, however, had a different view and so he wanted to lay Mughal foundation in India which had a stake of Hindustani’s too. So, he appointed a tutor who could teach the crown prince Jalal, later Akbar, all the customs and manners of Hindustan and even introduced him with a number of Hindustanis. Akbarnama tells us how Akbar enjoyed learning the Hindustani ways. He was even successful in bonding the Central Asian dynasty in the political landscape of Hindustan, a dream which Humayan dreamt but could not achieve.

Who was Mirza Muhammad Hakim and what was his ideology?

mirza hakim 300x156 Mirza Hakim is Not What Jodha Akbar portrays!
Born in the year 1553, Mirza Muhammad Hakim was half brother of Akbar who was stationed in Kabul. After gaining political maturity at the age of 18 years old, he promoted himself as a true heir and guardian of the Timurid – Chagatai dynasty and the Moslem religious ideals, claiming that Akbar had betrayed those by becoming more Hindustani. He also, on several occasions, even termed “Kabul as haven” for all the Central Asian rebels who opposed Akbar’s ideas to branch out the Moghul aristocracy. He even banned circulation of coins in Kabul that were minted in Hindustan by Akbar’s regime, and retained an early Timurid coin as Kabul’s foremost currency.

Mirza, proclaiming himself as the real heir of the Babur dynasty also raged a battle against Akbar with the support of religious clerics and Central Asian supporters. His antagonism towards Akbar was so famous that all the anti-Akbar rebellions invited him to dethrone Akbar and restore Central Asian power in Hindustan. Akbar, being a tough warrior could easily defeat Hakim in 1581. Mirza, meanwhile tried to lure the Akbar army and officers in the name of brotherhood to protect Kabul and wage a war against their counterparts i.e. The Hindustani officers and soldiers. This appeal of Mirza Hakim however turned futile and his dream of crushing Akbar failed too.

Akbar after defeating Hakim in 1581 expelled him as the Governor of Kabul. Four years later in the year 1582, Mirza Hakim died. He was only 32.

The Last Words

Mirza Hakim was exactly opposite to what he is shown in the serial. He is seeing getting mesmerized by a Rajput beauty and wants to marry her. In reality, he was a stringent Moslem who followed Babur’s principle of anti-Hindustanis strictly. Also, he was always against Akbar when it came to his religious tolerance, however, the show depicts he is as tolerant as Akbar is and even respects the Rajputana culture. Now, I am not saying that every foreigner has to respect our culture but my point is why show something inaccurate?

Showing fictional things is not an issue but showing inaccurate to all the ignorant viewers is.

With Inputs from- Cambridge Published Book – The Princes of the Mughal Empire by Munis D. Faruqui

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