Mirza Hakim in Jodha Akbar serial seems to be ashamed of his mother Mah Chuchak. Did he really oppose Mah Chuchak or did he support her against Akbar? Read More

Shehnaaz aka Nigaar, the fictional elder sister of Akbar in Zee TV’s Jodha Akbar has teamed up with Akbar’s step mother Mah Chuchak (Oh, this one although real, is fictionalized to a great extent) to dethrone Akbar to get all her rights as shehzaadi

Since, we all know her real intention is to free her mother Chand Begum, she teaming up with Mah Chuchak and Abul Mali doesn’t come as a surprise. In fact, what really surprises us is the dramatic fictional hatred of Mirza Hakim towards his mother Mah Chuchak. 

MAH CHUCHAK Was Mirza Hakim Really Ashamed To Be Mah Chuchaks Son?

So, the Question Arises – Was Hakim really Worried About Mah Chuchak’s ill Action Towards Akbar? 

Mirza Hakim is portrayed as a good little brother of Akbar in the serial, and so being a protagonist, it is quite obvious that he would never agree upon Mah Chuchak‘s wrong ways to get power. But, his character doesn’t seem real. Mainly, because his image looks like an adaption from a Bollywood flick where he is our Sunny Deol, who would not even think twice when it comes to choosing between good and evil. Or perhaps, if not Bollywood flick than the social activist next door who is ready to go to any extent to support a good cause. 

But but, but, Mirza Hakim is neither a Bollywood hero nor a 21st century social activist, he in fact, is a real personality of 16th century and that too a shehzada belonging to an era where patricide was not so uncommon. It was the period when brothers of the same mother did not spare the other, forget about step brothers and close relatives.

Mah chuchak Humayun Was Mirza Hakim Really Ashamed To Be Mah Chuchaks Son?

Given the condition, how can we expect he turning all goody goody to Akbar and be ashamed of his own mother who wanted to dethrone Akbar, so that not only she gets the power but in future, he becomes the heir of the Mughal Dynasty? 

Also, Where Was Mah Chuchak When Akbar Arranged Mirza Hakim’s Marriage With Shivani? 

Well, all though the whole Mirza Hakim – Shivani angle was natkya rupantar, I wonder who gave the reel Jodha and her husband, the rights to arrange Mirza Hakim’s marriage without any consultation with his mother Mah Chuchak?

Moreover, where was Mirza Hakim’s courteous nature to tell his mother about his marriage? Well, I know neither Mirza Hakim is to be blamed nor Jodha Akbar, but the script writers who planned to introduce Mah Chuchak later. 

But, Do You Know According to Documents, Mirza Hakim was only 10 when Mah Chuchak died? 

Well, I have mentioned twice before, in my post related to Mah Chuchak that when she died, Mirza Hakim was merely a kid of 10 years. Don’t you think, showing the fictional dislike of Mirza Hakim puts the historical character in question about his love towards his mother? Come on, how can a son ever be ashamed of his parents, especially when he lost his father at 3 and mother at 10? 

By: Deepti Verma

Image Source: Jodha Akbar Facebook

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