Know the various reasons why Mirza Hakim rebelled against his own brother Akbar – No, it wasn’t because he thought Akbar killed his mother Mah Chuchak begum

Mirza Hakim is all set to attack Jalal, his elder brother in Jodha Akbar serial. He thinks it is Jalal who killed his mother Mah Chuchak Begum, and so he wants revenge of his mother’s death. On the contrary, Jalal has no clue about Mirza Hakim’s scheming. Poor Shehenshah neither knows that Shah Mansoor is Mirza’s man nor the fact that Mirza Hakim is planting the seeds of bagawat amongst the common man in his Awaam.

mirza hakim rebel akbar 5 Reasons Why Mirza Hakim Rebelled Against His Brother Akbar

Makes us wonder, whether Mirza rebelled against his own brother in real as well? Though Mirza rebelled against Akbar, the real reason was not his mother’s death but various other factors. Here we shall discuss them one by one…

Mirza Too Wanted to Become the Shehenshah

Mirza was Akbar’s half-brother, and second son of Humayun. Born in 1553, he became the governor at the age of 3 years. Since his mother Mah Chuchak was very ambitious, she ruled on behalf of her son till she was killed by her own son-in-law Abul Maali. When she was killed, Hakim was just 10 years old. These 10 years where enough to plant the seeds of rebel in Hakim’s mind against his own brother, the Shehenshah-e-Hind. Perhaps, he too became power hungry like his mother, thinking  – “Why should I be just the governor when I can be the next Shehenshah?

Mirza Hakim Mah Chuchak 5 Reasons Why Mirza Hakim Rebelled Against His Brother Akbar

Unlike the serial, Mirza Hakim didn’t accuse Akbar of killing his mother. That’s just a natkya rupantar. In reality he knew his mother was killed by Abul Maali, his own brother-in-law. Abul Maali wanted to kill Mirza too but he was safely rescued by his generals.

Mirza Rebelled Against Akbar Because He Thought He Was the True Heir of the Timurid – Chagatai Dynasty, and Not Akbar

Babur was a staunch ruler who throughout his rule maintained his Timurid orientation. However, Humayun, his son, had different point of view. He wanted to lay the foundation of Mughal rule which had enough stake of the son of the soils. He dreamt of bonding the Central Asian culture with the Hindustani customs. So, he made sure, his son Jalal, the crown prince gets enough knowledge of other religions, customs, and culture. This is the reason why Akbar became so religious tolerant.

mirza hakim revolt jodha akbar 5 Reasons Why Mirza Hakim Rebelled Against His Brother Akbar

But, but, but…This was not liked by many people including the Maulwis, the Central Asian rulers, and of course Akbar’s own brother Mirza Hakim. So, when Mirza became a political heir at the age of 18, he started claiming himself as the true heir of the Timurid-Chagatai dynasty which was started by Babur. Akbar’s religious tolerance was taken as a betrayal by him and others. This is the reasons why he started portraying himself as the ideal ruler of the Moslems and the guardian of their religious ideals.

Central Asian Rulers and anti-Akbar rebellions joined him and encouraged him to dethrone Akbar

A king had many enemies, sometimes even in the form of his own blood. And when this news spread the king’s enemies came together for their common cause – to help the King’s rebellious brother and uproot the original king. This happened with Akbar too as Hakim was not only supported by the clerics, the Central Asian rulers, but also all the rulers who were against Akbar.

mirza hakim sharif ud din1 5 Reasons Why Mirza Hakim Rebelled Against His Brother Akbar

However, Akbar was not a weak ruler who couldn’t bear this small storm. He not only defeated Mirza Hakim but also got the chance to mend his supporters’ ways.

In the serial, we see Mirza Hakim has sent Shah Mansoor in Akbar’s court….

This is how Mirza Hakim tried to get people against Akbar. According to the available documents, he tried to lure Akbar’s soldiers and generals in the name of brotherhood, and religion. He tried to fill ears of the Moslem soldiers who were in Akbar’s army against their own Hindu counterparts to disrupt Akbar’s army. But, ultimately, all his attempts failed.

mirza hakim maan singh jodha akbar serial 5 Reasons Why Mirza Hakim Rebelled Against His Brother Akbar

 Akbar didn’t kill Mirza Hakim but expelled him from his position as Kabul’s governor which ultimately went to Mirza Hakim’s sister.

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